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AUGUST 24-27


Governor Tom C. Rye, of Tennessee; Mayor Robert Ewing, of Nashville; Chairman Robert L. Burch, of Nashville Industrial Bureau; and President R.B. Brannon, of the Commercial Club of Nashville, have each and all extended a cordial invitation to the I.B.S.A. to hold its Convention in their City, promising a hearty and generous welcome.


Thirty-five Railroads in the South have joined in making us an attractive rate of about 1-1/2c a mile to induce the largest possible number to attend this Convention. In every case, ask your Ticket Agent for the rate covered by Joint-Passenger Tariff No. Exc. 6747.


The Capitol Building, in which all of the sessions of the Convention will be held, is said to be located on the highest and coolest spot in the City. The Ryman Auditorium is the best in Nashville, and has been offered free by the City to the Association for the showing of the greatest Biblical production, THE PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION, and has been accepted for that purpose. The Princess Theater, which the City has provided for Brother Russell’s public lecture, is the best.


FELLOWSHIP DAY: Thursday, August 24th—Brother P.S. L. Johnson, who will be the Chairman of the Convention, will give the opening address on “Christian Fellowship.” In the afternoon short addresses on One Body, One Spirit, One Hope, One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism and One God will be given by Brothers Riemer, Thorn, Jones, Toole, Stevens, Thornton and Wise.

TRANSFORMATION DAY: Friday, August 25—Pilgrim Brother Thornton will speak on “When He Shall Appear,” and Pilgrim Brother Daniel Toole on “We Shall be Like Him.” “The Quickening of the Spirit” and its bearing upon the Volumteer, Drama, Colporteur and Pastoral Work will be considered by Brothers Riemer, Jones, Thorn, Johnson.

RANSOM DAY: Saturday, August 26—After a discourse by Brother Palmer on “The Sufferings of Christ,” there will be held at 11 o’clock in the morning a Question Meeting on the great, fundamental subject of THE RANSOM, conducted by Brother Russell, who in the afternoon will hold a Consecration Service, consisting of the Consecration of Children, Sermon on Baptism and Symbolic Immersion in Water.

KNOWLEDGE DAY: Sunday, August 27th—Pilgrim Brother M.E. Riemer will conduct the Berean Lesson for the day, and at 11 o’clock, Brother Russell will give a discourse on, “What, Know ye not, … ye are Bought with a Price?” (1 Cor. 6:19,20.) In the afternoon he will speak in the Princess Theater to the public on “The World on Fire,” and in the evening at 7 o’clock, in the Capitol Building, he will conduct the closing feature of the Convention—The Love Feast.

We are hoping for a good attendance at this Convention and believe that those attending will be richly blessed.



Brethren write us from time to time respecting inventions, patents, mining claims, etc., desiring that THE WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY should join with them in the development of these—kindly offering the principal portion of all the profits.

We greatly appreciate these kind offers, the generous hearts behind them, and the love for the Truth and its service thus manifested. But we are obliged to refuse all such offers, because the Society engages in no kind of business for profit. It confines its business transactions to financiering the Pilgrim Work, publishing the SCRIPTURE STUDIES, etc., and supplying them at cost or below cost; publishing THE WATCH TOWER, publishing the BIBLE STUDENTS MONTHLY, etc., and in the presentation, and formerly in the showing, of the PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION.

The Society engages in no kind of mining or patent business or speculations. The money under its control comes from the Lord’s consecrated people, and often represents hard-earned funds and self-sacrificing economy; it is used strictly and only for the forwarding of the Truth according to the best judgment of the executive officers.

This does not mean any unwillingness to counsel with any of the brethren in respect to their earthly affairs and interests. We are glad to give such advice as we may be able to give on every matter, temporal or spiritual, involving the interests of the Lord’s consecrated saints.


— September 1, 1916 —

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