R5826-7 Poem: “A Token Of My Covenant”

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::R5826 : page 7::


What shall I render unto Thee?
What praise sufficient could there be
For all Thy benefits toward me,
O Thou Most High?

I’ll drink Salvation’s cup today
Which Thou hast poured. Be Thou my stay!
Assist me as Thy saint to pay
My Vows to Thee.

Remembering Thy Heavenly call,
I’ll strive to be sincere to all.
I pray for grace lest I should fall
From simple Truth.

In thought, in word, in all my ways
Thy holy standard I would raise,
Nor please, nor honor self, but praise
My Worthy King.

Today in matters small or great,
I’ll serve with faithfulness and wait
For further joys. Oh, blessed state,
Thus serving Thee!

I’ll strive to “choose things that excel;”
All anxious care I’ll seek to quell,
And all discouragements repel,
And be content.

I’ll neither murmur nor repine!
I’ll trust my heart to care Divine
To make of it a sacred shrine
Where Thou canst dwell.



— January 1, 1916 —