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I wish to send you an expression of our appreciation of the helpful visit of Brothers J. F. Rutherford and A. N. Pierson, as your representatives, granted us recently. I will also use this opportunity to thank you most heartily for your kindness to me in London, during your own physical weakness, and for your recent letter.

Perhaps it will interest you to have a report from me concerning the meeting for which you put the responsibility in my care.

From August 13 to September 3, Brother Rutherford held eighteen splendid meetings in Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish cities, with a total attendance of 25,800 adults and other thousands turned away for lack of room.

He also gave twenty-four encouraging talks to the Truth friends in these places, and in connection we had a good convention in Helsingfors, Finland, visited by about 250 friends, and another convention in Stockholm, attended by about 400 friends.

As one proof of the interest in Brother Rutherford’s public lectures here, not fewer than 1,818 volumes of STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES were sold in Sweden and Norway—672 of these being sold at a single Sunday morning meeting in Stockholm, at which the attendance was 3,300, with 700 turned away for lack of room, first receiving free literature. Besides this, we received thousands of addresses requesting further information re subjects discussed. At the Orebro meeting alone, attended by 2,200 adults, with many outside who could not gain entrance to the hall, 586 address-cards were received. Notwithstanding the fact that in every city we had rented the largest halls obtainable, no one of them was large enough to hold the crowds.

For advertisement of Brother Rutherford’s meetings in Sweden and Norway we distributed 217,500 copies of BIBLE STUDENTS MONTHLY. Many papers published very good reports of his lectures, reaching other thousands of Swedish people. We earnestly desire that you send him to Sweden again, as soon and for as long a time as possible. We promise you that we will have the largest halls all over the land, crowded every night to hear him.

Meanwhile we are striving to do the best we can, by the Lord’s grace, to carry on the good work in which we have received so many blessings and which every day becomes more dear to our hearts. The Colporteur work and all other branches make good progress continually. During about five weeks before us we have arranged for twenty mass-meetings in the largest cities and towns of Northern Sweden, which Brother Rutherford could not visit. In these I shall be the speaker, D.V.

We pray that the Master of the Harvest may guide us and give wisdom and strength to do all in harmony with His will and to the Glory of His name. We shall highly appreciate the privilege of being continually included in your prayers to this end; we never forget you in our petitions before the Throne of Grace.

With most sincere Christian love and greeting to you, our beloved Pastor and brother, in which all the dear helpers at this office join, I remain, as ever,

Your humble co-laborer in the Lord’s Harvest,





The __________ Ecclesia extend to you their Christian love and greetings, and we always delight to bear your name up to the “Throne of Grace” that you may find help in every time of need, so that through your loving ministry we also may be enabled to “make our calling and election sure.”

At a recent business meeting it was unanimously voted “That Brother Charles T. Russell be officially recognized as ‘That Servant,’ to whom the Lord promised He would give all His storehouse of ‘Present Truth,’ if faithful, and that he serve as Pastor to the Ecclesia at __________, until the completion of the Age.” We are pleased to accept the sermons and WATCH TOWER as your personal service to us.

Remember us all when at the “Throne of Grace,” that we also may make our calling and election sure, especially remembering the writer, who is the least of the Lord’s dear brethren, that I may gain the victory over the things that especially beset me.

Yours in the love and service of our dear Redeemer,



— November 1, 1913 —