R0351-5 An Infallible Test

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Any view of a subject that harmonizes with, or naturally takes in all the known facts in the case, must be substantially true. The most difficult and abstruse problems in science are solved in this way. Any theory of Christianity, therefore, that is in harmony with all the plain declarations of Christ and the Apostles, and the customs of the primitive churches, is substantially true; but any theory that requires the suppression of plain passages of Scripture is dangerous.

Now, let all Christian teachers apply the foregoing test to themselves, and when they meet with a plain declaration of Scripture which they cannot reconcile with their adopted theory, let them not suppress or ignore such passage, but at once correct their own false theory. If all who profess Christianity would faithfully apply this rule, it would soon result in the overthrow of all human inventions and false doctrines.



— May, 1882 —