R0347-2 The Emphatic Diaglott

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Had we not fortunately received more copies of this work than was announced in our last issue, many of your orders would have been unfilled. As it is, however, we have some yet on hand, of those but slightly damaged copies, which you may have at $1.50 per copy. (Postage paid by us.)

We repeat, these books are so slightly damaged (in the fly leaves) that many would not discover it. They are in all other respects the regular $4.00 books. We knew that many of you would need and want this valuable book; hence we purchased this entire lot. Order soon that you may the sooner have the benefit of this helper. Several may order together if they choose, but please order only for readers of the paper, at present. If any remain after our readers have been supplied, they will be offered to the public.

Any one purchasing one of these, may, if not satisfactory, return it in good order within seven days after receiving, and we will refund his money.


— May, 1882 —