R0308-7 Restoring Solomon’s Temple

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Some time since, Abdul Aziz, the then ruler of the Turkish Empire, at the instance of Emperor Francis Joseph, of Austria, began the work of restoring the ruins of “Solomon’s Temple,” in Palestine. The work moved but slowly however, and was finally discontinued some five years ago. Probably from lack of funds.

The recent pilgrimage of the Austrin Archduke Randolph to the Holy Land, has however, given the enterprise a fresh impulse, and the present Sultan Abdul Hamid, has given the necessary orders for the resumption of the work.

In the great square fronting the Temple stands the famous Mosque of Omar, which derives a revenue of about $75,000 a year from Pilgrim contributions and various sources.

To insure the success of the Temple restoration, the Sultan has decided that this revenue shall henceforth be used to defray the expenses of the work.


— December, 1881 —