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Some facts relative to the return of the Jews mentioned in our last, seemed to directly point to the fulfillment of the prophecies relative to their return, that some seem disposed to question the reliability of our information, Bro. H. A. King writes, “what is your authority for saying that Russia has enacted laws compelling the Jews to leave that country?” (The peculiarity noted, was, that just as God had opened up Palestine so that the Jew might return and enjoy a measure of liberty, He, at the same time, was forcing them from Russia where about one-third of all that people are living.) We answer, as Brok, that the public press is our authority and it certainly is a disinterested witness; for instance, we clip from The Pittsburg Dispatch of to-day (March 29th) the following:

“Instead of the concessions expected before the anniversary of the Czar’s accession to the throne, regarding the position of the Jews, there is increased severity. The Jews are driven to represent themselves as Protestant Christians, to escape expulsion from St. Petersburg. In the Governments of Tula, Orel and Charkoff, Jews in business for many years, are ruthlessly expelled.”


— April, 1880 —