R5991-342 Poem: “How Long, Oh Lord, How Long?”

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::R5991 : page 342::


How long, oh Lord, how long
Shall weakness serve the strong?
How long shall Might make Right,
And darkness hate the light?

How long, oh Lord, how long,
Till Truth shall crush the wrong,
Till darkness turn to day,
And sorrow flee away?

How long till wars shall cease,
This turmoil end in peace?
How long the sin-cursed Earth
Await her second birth?

How long, Lord, must I feel
The proud oppressor’s heel?
I’m weary of the night,
I long for morning light!

I long to see Thy face,
I long for Thine embrace—
How long, Lord, till I come
To my long-promised home?

* * *

Not long, my child, not long;
Be brave, be true, be strong!
The Day-star doth appear,
The Kingdom draweth near!

Look up, my child, look up,
The last drop’s in thy Cup!
Trust where thou canst not see—
I soon will call for thee!



— November 15, 1916 —