R5975-317 Poem: Resurrection

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::R5975 : page 317::


Dear Lord, I pray for courage, strength and love,
For that pure wisdom, promised from above,
That I may faithful be and worthy found
To stand “that day” beside the grass-grown mound
Of my beloved dead, and say, “Arise!
Come forth to light and life, lift up thine eyes!
Awake, and burst the prison bands of death!
Stand up, the God of Heaven restores thy breath!
Return unto the land that gave thee birth—
No longer, as of old, a sin-cursed earth—
The desert places blossom as the rose,
With fragrance laden, every breeze that blows!

A Highway thou shalt find, a way of life,
No pride, nor selfishness, no envy, strife,
Shall prosper there; the ransomed of the Lord
Shall walk thereon, obedient to His Word;
No longer shall the ‘lion’ or ‘ravenous beast’
Upon the poor, the weak, the innocent feast;
There God shall wipe all tears from every eye.
No grief shall touch thine heart, not e’en a sigh,
And there shall be no death, nor any pain!
Awake! Rejoice and join the glad refrain,
‘Hosanna, peace on earth, good will toward men,
All honour to the Lamb. Amen! Amen!'”



— October 15, 1916 —