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The little group that was privileged to operate the DRAMA in this faraway corner of the Harvest field are very desirous that you know of their keen appreciation of the privilege they have enjoyed, and that you know some of the details of their experiences in the service.

Under the Lord’s providence circumstances favored our getting British Theater in St. Johns on very reasonable terms, but the refusal of the first newspaper man we approached to accept even a paid advertisement did not look very promising; house-to-house distribution on a limited scale and window cards were all the advertising we had. Moreover, this newspaper man told us he might, instead, feel called upon to warn the people. We were pleased to find in the morning no criticism in his journal.

The President of the Red Cross Society had a proposition that interested us greatly. She wondered if it would be possible for us to release the Theater one evening for a patriotic lecture by a wounded soldier returned from the front. Could we have had a more marked providence while a suspicion of German sympathies was hanging over us? Two advertisements in evening newspapers were supplemented by a very nice acknowledgment by the Red Cross in all four of the evening papers, and next morning in the journal which had refused us. In the evening we turned away a lot of people—725 present, seating capacity 620. The third evening we turned away nearly 500. Attendance during the fourteen evening meetings was 7,795—average, 557; at the fifteen afternoon showings, 3,030—average, 202. A fine impression was made, and finale brought 240 cards. We could not have hoped for such results from any human standpoint. Other difficulties than those mentioned were overcome by the Lord.

Following right after the close of the St. Johns service came an anonymous letter in the opposing journal, suggesting that our service was possibly paid for at Potsdam; this was supplemented with an editorial item. While it sounded foolish to those who had seen the DRAMA, his paper carries prestige and the German suspicion pursued us everywhere, especially at our next opening, in Carbonear; but everywhere we turned away crowds, who realized the malice of the charge.

At Belle Island we showed in the Armory of the Church Lads’ Brigade (Episcopal), the Salvation Army cooperating in supplying chairs. Both the Episcopal minister and a Salvation Army ensign attended two of the sessions, with keen appreciation. Pleasant interviews followed with both. Brother Samuel Baker who has been doing splendid work with picture machine, secured the favorable arrangement there.

The Lord provided very efficient coworkers in the service, and all have worked in perfect harmony. There is great joy in satisfying the heart-hunger we are finding in these parts.

Follow-up work, including Colporteur Service, is being carried on in all places served by the DRAMA.

Because of the large number of dear friends in almost all sections of the American and Canadian fields who cooperated financially and otherwise in giving this witness in Newfoundland, few of whom we can reach personally, we are wondering if you might find it possible to get into THE WATCH TOWER a few fragments of this letter, that they may know we are carrying in our minds and hearts the remembrance of their labor of love, and that they may know a little of God’s loving care over us and for His work. The ministry of our dear Brother MacMillan brought us much blessing and added much to the effectiveness of the DRAMA witness.

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And now, dear Brother, we wish unitedly to express our appreciation of your untiring efforts in connection with the witness given in Newfoundland; also our love for you and for all the dear ones of the Bethel family.

Your brother by the Lord’s great favor,

W.W. BLACK.—Newfoundland.




Greetings! I feel called upon to write you at this time just to assure you of our continued love and gratitude, and this is especially brought forth by the renewed attacks on the Truth and its Teacher. To me these attacks always show up the Truth, as such, to greater advantage.

You may be interested in reading one of the latest attacks by a prominent English clergyman. The Lord’s Spirit is nowhere manifest in it; but if it has done no one else good, it has me; for it has done much to strengthen me in love for our Teacher and His teachings. “Spiritual wickedness in high places,” indeed, is made manifest, and we are shown the need of a “new heavens.” You no doubt have many letters telling you of the blessings which writers have received through the STUDIES, and it is my privilege to add to them. For eighteen months my life has flowed in a channel of unceasing blessing and increasing light, joy and peace.

All my life has been a great, big Query: Why this? Why that? (And I am past forty years.) Now all my childhood and adult queries are answered. I comprehend it all now—the past, the future and the present. The “whys” are all explained—Why do men fight and kill? Why is sin in the world? If God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, why do we blame Pharaoh? These and hundreds of others all find a complete answer in your books. Again, I love the Word today and it is the greatest blessing to me—a living Book. I am so thankful that the dear Father has permitted the scales to fall from my eyes (so unworthy as I know myself to be)—blessed are my eyes for they see!

Each day seems to bring a Scripture truth with force, and I pass it on. I rejoice at all God sends me, and the tight corners only glorify Him all the more; for when I am weakest, God’s strength is made manifest. He calls us today for a firm faith at all costs, and I want to trust Him in the face of apparent impossibilities. Please send on THE TOWER.

I hope to greet you “in the Morning,” face to face; but the spirit of love from all our Class goes with this.

I am resigning my membership of the Society of Friends; and the only regret is that it will be a grief to my dear husband; but it may be a disguised blessing to him. We are all in God’s keeping, “whose we are and whom we serve,” and nothing happens to us by chance. We first see the Lord’s hand in everything and therefore in everything give thanks. As a result there is continuous joy and peace in believing; and in all these persecutions (of which I claim a share and deem it a privilege so to do) I rejoice, too; for we are thus persecuted for Truth’s sake. The Lord is all powerful and can use these attacks to glorify Himself and His Word, and this is being done. Praise Him! So, Brother, we await His orders; ready to go, ready to stay, ready His will to obey.



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My only apology for not writing to you before is a feeling of my unworthiness of being associated with the I.B.S.A. The Truth came to me as favor upon favor, flowing through and overflowing this leaky earthen vessel, made fit for the Master’s use through His precious blood.

I am now reading the volumes for the seventh time and they are precious to me, as they are truly an unfolding of God’s Plan of Redemption, without adding to or taking from His Word. I always preferred to know the Bible doctrine rather than the commandments of men, yet to show me my own weakness God permitted me to burn my first set of STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES, at a minister’s bidding. Nevertheless, it was about that time that I began to see the difference between a Christian and a good citizen. After thirty years of drilling in Babylon I understood not the meaning of “the fruit of the Spirit”!

Many times I re-read the back WATCH TOWERS; the re-reading is just as sweet as though I had never read them, which makes me long for the time when we shall all be “clothed upon.”

I here extend my whole-hearted thanks to you, dear Brother, for the assistance you have given me, enabling me to enter “the valley of blessing, so sweet.” I also thank the co-laborers at the Tabernacle and Bethel Home through you, praying for you and all the “jewels” everywhere.

I have accepted all of your proffered helps—the Vow, etc.; am glad to have my name among those who do not trust to the arm of flesh. The dear brethren in Europe are in my prayers more than ever.

Relying on Jesus, hoping to see Him face to face,

Yours in the Master’s service, J.S. WATSON.—Calif.




Reading Jeremiah 51:44-46 recently, it impressed me as possibly applying to the present, v. 46 (Jeremiah 51:46) measuring the limit of the present war—two years: “A rumor shall come in one year, and after that in another [a second] year shall come a rumor.”

This seems to be the same period spoken of by the Lord: “When ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars, be ye not troubled,” etc.—Mark 13:7,8; Luke 21:8,9.

Isaiah 8:9-14 seemingly indicates a season of comparative quiet after the nations have assembled themselves and been broken in pieces and the making of the Confederacy—v. 12 (Isaiah 8:12). Thus the ending of the war, say some time this year, might bring something like an armistice, during which the Federation would come into full life and do some of its work; when the “Earthquake,” running quickly into the “fire,” would cause great Babylon to be cast like a millstone into the sea.—Rev. 18:1-24.

I send this on under St. Paul’s counsel in Galatians 6:6 (Gal. 6:6), thinking this may be of some good.

Yours in the Redeemer, W.E. PAGE.—Mo.




Greetings in the Redeemer’s name! This is to assure you of my continued faith in you as Pastor of the Lord’s sheep in this Time of Trouble.

How wonderfully your interpretation of the Scriptures is being proved correct! The Adversary, in his latest effort here in Ontario, has only strengthened our faith. Truly, we are still in the enemy’s country!

However, we have the Word of the Lord that no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper, but that even “the wrath of men shall praise Him.” The Apostle declares that present sufferings are non-comparable to the future Glory of the Kingdom.

I shall sit with you in the Tower and watch the outcome of the recent episode in Ontario. Some of the worldly, since this episode, are doing some reasoning as to the moral law and its bearing on the war. May the Lord grant you continued wisdom at this time!

Your brother in Christ, ERNEST H. WALKER.—Ont.




About a year ago I wrote asking if you would consider it proper to buy the STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES with my tithe-money. Receiving an affirmative answer I secured the complete set of STUDIES. I had read them almost through before I had opportunity to meet with a Class, as I have done since we came to this place.

I had not read far until I began to feel like a prisoner set free, though I never before realized I was a prisoner. Whenever I study I seem to learn a new point and can feel another shackle loosed; but I still have some points of early training to overcome.

My husband, son and daughter did not seem to get the Truth from reading the books as I did, but since our residence here they attend the Class and want the Truth as much as I. My husband and I have been Christians from youth and consecrated while in the Methodist denomination. I wish to symbolize my consecration at the first opportunity and am quite confident my entire family will wish to do so. We feel that you will approve of this, but would like to have your advice regarding the children, as they seem young for such a step, although manifesting interest as above described.

Perhaps I am over-anxious, but I am so pleased that we are all of one mind that I cannot allow the matter to remain incomplete. Thanking you in advance for your advice, whatever it may be, I am

Yours in Christ, MRS. AGNES A. ALLEN.—Calif.




For a long time I have wished to write you of the wonderful blessings that have been mine since finding the Truth. Shortly after coming into the Truth my brother, who had just joined the Baptist church, became interested and came right along with me. He sent his letter of withdrawal, which caused quite a stir in the church above mentioned.

We are surely hated here; the Methodist minister told his congregation when they saw any of us in the church to run us out! They are certainly closing down on us!

A dear girl—junior in our Normal school—is coming into the Truth. She was offered a position as teacher, but the Board would not even consider her if she was one of us. She says she will plainly tell them that she will not submit to the “Beast” and accept his “mark” just to get a position; that her bread and water are promised her!

May the dear Lord continue to bless you!

Your sister in Him, NORA VOLES KEITH.—Okla.



“Blessed are the people that know the joyful sound; they shall walk, O Lord, in the light of Thy countenance.” (Psalm 89:15.) How thankful I am to the Lord for so much goodness from Him! I am no more at Monheim, but at Dortmund since January 29th. Think of my joy! The Lord has permitted me to be His witness, guided by the writings of our dear Brother and Pastor Russell. We are now sixty-four Bible Students in our camp, and my heart rises to God in thanksgivings.

Many loving greetings to the dear brethren and sisters.





For two years I have been working among the two hundred families of my home town, distributing B.S.M.—one number at a time, about once a month. I have also talked with the people.

Of late I have used an EUREKA DRAMA in about thirty-five of the best homes—in some of these three times—with a full house. The Baptist preacher, who did his best two years ago to kill the work of the Truth here, seems now to feel kindly towards me, as I have always tried to show I feel towards him.

Recently I heard some of the leading men of this place contending that Restitution is what God has for the world; these men seem satisfied with this.

There are about twenty full sets of the STUDIES in the families here, and during the last two years I loaned about 100 copies of Vol. 1 in magazine form. A brother who has come into the Truth within the past eighteen months has been a true yoke-fellow, and we have visited other towns in the vicinity with the EUREKA DRAMA.

Just now the way seems closed, but we are waiting and watching for any and every opening. Pray for us.

Ever yours in the Truth, W.S. BUMPUS.—Ill.


— October 1, 1916 —

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