R5930-223 Berean Lessons And Pilgrim Visits

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SOME inquire what they shall do when a Pilgrim visit happens to be on the same night as the regular Berean Study—explaining that sometimes they must get behind as to Berean Lessons. Our advice is that unless there is some essential reason against it, the Berean Lessons should take precedence and the Pilgrim Brother conduct the meeting, giving example of a profitable Berean Lesson. The same thing applies to the Wednesday evening Prayer and Testimony meeting. This should go on as usual, the Pilgrim leading, unless for some special reason; as, for instance, if the Pilgrim’s appointment be but for one night. We esteem that there are no more important services held by Bible Students than these two, and regularity is an important feature in connection with these meetings.

We take this occasion to express the hope that all the dear friends who have taken the Vow read it publicly or privately every morning, and that the MANNA TEXT every morning be not forgotten. Some additionally read the MORNING RESOLVE. Thousands of letters from dear brethren and sisters all over the world testify the great blessings in connection with these endeavors to keep close to the Lord. The Prayer Circle formed by the Vow is perhaps one of the most wonderful things that has ever been in the world. Think of it! approximately twenty thousand consecrated people of God praying for one another and for the Harvest work every day. The blessing that this is bringing to them is almost inestimable; it is a blessing that maketh rich indeed.

Those who are not using the Manna daily are losing a great blessing; and those who do not participate in the Wednesday evening Testimony Meeting whose topic is the Manna Text of the preceding Thursday are missing a rich blessing. As many as believe that we are now in the Evil Day of special trial upon the Church of God should appreciate these meetings—drawing very near to the Lord and to each other daily. If you have not done so before, we urge that you make a start forthwith.

While thus exhorting, we are prompted to remind our dear readers in general that quite a good many are making it a practice to read at least twelve pages of STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES each day, thus completing the entire six volumes every year. Reports show that great blessings of knowledge and of grace follow this course.


— July 15, 1916 —