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WE HAVE mapped out a very elaborate Convention arrangement for this Summer. The custom of taking a few days’ vacation every Summer is becoming a general one. Bible Students especially enjoy their vacations when these can be spent in Christian fellowship and in building one another up in the Most Holy Faith and in the fruits and graces of the Holy Spirit. The method once employed of having one or two Conventions in the Summer has been found unsatisfactory for two reasons:

(1) This involves too large an expenditure of time and money when long distances must be traveled.

(2) When a Convention is too large the fellowship is not so good—the opportunities for getting acquainted, etc., are poorer proportionately.

We believe that we have made good selections of Convention points in the territory where Bible Students are most numerous. We are announcing the dates in good time, so that vacations may be arranged accordingly. In every case arrangements will be made for lodgings at fifty cents per night upward and for restaurant service, where each can provide according to his appetite, purse and judgment. Address the Secretary of every Convention you wish to attend, mentioning the number of your party, males and females. If colored, the fact should be mentioned.

In the past we have had difficulty from the fact that when an assignment was made no money consideration was passed; therefore neither the householder nor the visitor considered the matter thoroughly binding. As a result, sometimes the householder rented the room to others, and sometimes the visitor went elsewhere, neglecting the assignment. We hope to remedy the matter this year by requiring the deposit of one dollar in the case of each assignment. The dollar will be paid to the householder on the visitor’s account, and the receipt will show this. We trust thus to avoid difficulty experienced in the past and to add to the comfort of all. Our representatives will visit and inspect the rooms assigned and judge of their cleanliness and suitability, and, to the best of their ability, serve the interests of the visiting Brethren and Sisters. We urge that, when sending in the one dollar for each person, you state your preferences as respects accommodation—remembering, of course, that a fifty-cent lodging will not be in any respects as fine as a five-dollar one. Our Convention List is, we believe, about complete, as follows:


St. Louis will be central as a Convention point to a large number of Bible Students. The Brethren there have arranged for Princess Theater, which is accredited with being a very cool place. In it all the Convention Meetings will be held—the evenings being devoted to the PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION. Brother Russell is expected to be present at the conclusion of

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the Convention. His topic will be, “The World on Fire,” at the Odeon Theater, Sunday, June 25, 8 p.m.

The following Pilgrim Brethren are scheduled to be in attendance: R.H. Hirsh, George Draper, R.L. Robie, R.O. Hadley, W.M. Batterson, A.J. Eshleman, Menta Sturgeon, Chairman. Address J.H. HOEVELER, 6126 Waterman Ave., St. Louis, Mo., for information and assignment of lodgings.


A splendid invitation has come to Bible Students to meet at Sioux City, Iowa. We are sure of a cordial welcome by the Bible Students and citizens and officials there. A splendid Auditorium has been placed at our disposal. We have every reason to expect a glorious season of spiritual fellowship, as well as physical comfort. The following Pilgrim Brethren are scheduled to be in attendance: I.F. Hoskins, W.F. Hudgings, J.P. MacPherson, T.P. Yates, L.F. Zink, B.M. Rice, A.P. Walker, A.I. Ritchie, Chairman. Address A.J. Strite, 1422 W. 5th St., for accommodations.


The Authorities of this old and dignified Watering Place of Rhode Island have placed at the disposal of our Association excellent Auditorium facilities, including arrangements for the showing of the PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION every night. As Newport is central for a large population, we believe that the attendance will be excellent. The following Pilgrim Brethren are scheduled as speakers: R.H. Barber, P.S.L. Johnson, A.H. MacMillan, E.F. Crist, R.G. Jolly, F.C. Detwiler, C.J. Woodworth, H.C. Rockwell, Edward Hazlett, R.J. Martin and W.E. Van Amburgh, Chairman. Address Anna R. Calvert, Newport, R.I., for accommodations.


Although Norfolk, Va., is a Southern City, it is fanned by Ocean breezes. We are sure that it is quite a suitable place for our Convention. Virginia Beach is near Norfolk for those who desire a little further outing than the Convention will give. Old Point Comfort also is near. The following Pilgrim Brethren are scheduled to be in attendance: J.D. Wright, Alexander Graham, W.J. Thorn, F.W. Plaenker, F.H. Mendel, J.A. Meggison, A.E. Burgess and J.A. Baeuerlein, Chairman. Address P.L. Derring, 216 12th St., for accommodations.


A Convention at Niagara Falls will be very convenient for the Canada Brethren, as well as for some in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. A very interesting Convention is predicted. The following Pilgrim Brethren are scheduled to speak: W.M. Wisdom, J.F. Emerson, P.E. Thomson, T.R. Hilbish, J.F. Stephenson, Chairman. Address A. Fossberry, 727 Pine Ave., for accommodations.


Bible Students have been very cordially invited by city and State officials to hold a Convention at Nashville, Tenn. It will, we believe, be a central point for quite a goodly number. At least a thousand may be expected. Address M.E. Confehr, 2124 Achlen Ave., for accommodations.


Long Beach, Cal., is suburban to Los Angeles. We are sure that it is a delightful place for a Convention, and that every effort will be made for the comfort of all Bible Students in attendance. Arrangements will be in the hands of the Los Angeles Class. Address F.P. Sherman, 206 Hamlet St.


Seattle, Wash., is beautiful for situation and convenient to a large population. Many of our Canadian friends will doubtless come from Vancouver, Victoria, etc. Other delegates will come from Spokane, Tacoma, Portland, etc. We are trusting for a happy time in the sunshine of our Lord’s favor. Address F.A. Acheson, 1009 8th Ave., for accommodations.


Milwaukee, Wis., claims to have some special advantages as a Convention City and will be central to a considerable number of friends in the Truth. It is accessible both by rail and by Lake steamer from Chicago and from other Lake Michigan points. During the eight days it is expected that the PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION will make two full showings in the evenings. The eight days will give splendid opportunity for commingling and spiritual fellowship amongst the friends. The Municipal Auditorium has been put at the disposal of the Convention for the entire time. We believe that a large number will be in attendance. Address A.L. Smith, 1166 Eighth St., Milwaukee, for accommodations.

Brother Russell is expected to give public addresses as well as Convention addresses at each of these Conventions. The dates for his public meetings are noted.

At each Convention there will be provision for the symbolizing of consecration by water baptism—robes, etc.


— June 15, 1916 —