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Some months ago we were curious to know what was meant by PASTOR RUSSELL’S PHOTO-DRAMA OF CREATION, having seen placards to the effect that this DRAMA would pay a visit to our city. The only way to satisfy our search for knowledge was to go and see. And now I am writing to tell you—God bless you—that that first visit to your DRAMA was the turning-point of my life; or, I should say, the turning-point in my knowledge of the Bible, for I have always tried to do right and had never ill used my life.

I can see clearly now that the Bible was written in symbols, to be explained “in due time.” Indeed, dear Pastor, I believe I could almost preach a sermon since studying your teaching! It is wonderful how clear your STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES are!

We attended the whole of the DRAMA, going twice to see Parts III. and IV., and we would love to see it all again. Some time after the DRAMA a Colporteur visited us, and mother purchased the six volumes of STUDIES and subscribed for THE WATCH TOWER. I can truly say that every spare moment I have is wisely spent. I think your idea of the Great Pyramid is perfect. Of your sermons I especially like THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON, and would like more of them for distribution.

I marvel at the clear way in which you explain a difficult text! When reading my Bible, directly I find numberless difficult verses; I look them up in your STUDIES, and when I close my book I find myself thanking you, all these miles away, for helping me, for otherwise I should be “lost” in both senses of the word!

And now, dear Pastor, I find myself confronted with a problem in which I feel sure you will help me. As you know, we shall have compulsory military service; I am seventeen years of age, and if the trouble be not over by the time I reach my nineteenth year, I feel that I would rather be shot as a “traitor” than to disobey God’s command. Is there any way in which we can defend our loved ones without murder? I am greatly perplexed and anxious to do what is right. I shall follow your advice, so great is my belief that God is using you to enlighten those who are willing to learn. Hoping I have not interrupted too long, I am

Yours in Jesus, TALBOT B. ELSTON.—England.



We rejoice to know that the Truth is thus being spread in every direction, and that the Lord is using the consecrated talents of His servants everywhere for the sealing of His saints in their foreheads—intellectually.—Revelation 7:1-3.

We are glad to note that you are in full agreement with what we said recently in THE WATCH TOWER to the effect that God’s consecrated people can have no interest in the war. If there be any excuse for violence and bloodshed anywhere, it would be in the actual defense of the home. The Bible, however, does not lay down laws for the world, but merely for God’s consecrated people. To these the Master’s own example and words would seem to teach that although they may invoke every legal protection, barricade their homes, etc., against the enemy, such saints would not be disposed to take the lives of others—even in self-defense. And yet we confess that this would be a very serious test upon nearly all of them.—THE EDITOR.




We can wait no longer to tell you how glad and thankful we are to be privileged to address you as above. We received the knowledge of the Truth and made our consecration about three months ago. We are especially thankful to be accepted by our dear Redeemer.

Living in an isolated place we have purchased an automobile and have commenced distributing THE BIBLE STUDENTS MONTHLY among the farmers in this district. Prior to this we had been witnessing, loaning volumes, etc., and soon began to feel opposition stirring. We sent letters of withdrawal to the minister of the Methodist church which had been our home, then we rented a hall, asking one of the Toronto brethren to speak, which he did and we had an attendance of over one hundred adults, nine of whom handed in their names for more literature.

We are happy to be able to report that one dear sister has come into the Truth and has consecrated, as a result of our work. Needless to say, the local ministers are very bitter against us, having tried in every way to prevent our meeting above mentioned; but the owner of the hall attended the meeting, bought the six volumes and assures us we can have the hall when we wish.

Our former pastor continues his persecution, but the Lord has been with us, keeping us meek in spirit. We had met none of the Truth brethren until your recent visit to Toronto, when we went ninety miles to hear your sermon. We eagerly drank in your words, for our hearts were starved for fellowship with the brethren. We wish you to record our names as having taken the Vow. We are endeavoring to live according to its requirements, considering it a help, as we do also the HEAVENLY MANNA book.

We enclose an order for tracts for distribution, also a “mite” toward the good work. We love you very much, dear brother, as our Pastor, and pray daily that the dear Lord continue to bless your efforts in His Cause. We will be grateful for an interest in your prayers on our behalf. If you can spare time to write us a few words we can scarcely tell you how much they will be appreciated.

Faithfully your brother and sister in Christ,



— April 1, 1916 —

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