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After six o’clock p.m. on the above date, thousands of Bible Students all over the world will meet to celebrate the most important event of history—the death of Jesus, the World’s Redeemer.

All should properly approach the Lord’s Table with clean hearts and clean hands—with consciences purged by faith in the merit of the cleansing blood. Our own best endeavors to attain purity need supplementing with our Savior’s merit.

Let us remember that in partaking of the emblems of our Lord’s broken body and shed blood, we not only confess Him but profess to be His followers, His imitators—laying down our lives for the brethren.

The New York City congregation will assemble at The Temple at 7:30 p.m. All trusting in the precious blood will be welcome.


When ordering books, etc., please consult November 1st WATCH TOWER for price.



We have a small quantity of small Dutch Booklets:

(1) “What Say The Scriptures Concerning Our Lord’s Return—His Parousia, Epiphania and Apokalupsis?”

(2) “The Hope of Israel in The Divine Plan.”

Five Cents each, postpaid.



Some brethren write us that they are mailing four copies of B.S.M. to certain Voters’ Lists, etc. We fear that this is wasting valuable ammunition, for Voters’ Lists in many communities are not very desirable—and it would seem unwise to risk the waste of four numbers. Other dear friends have followed a similar course in their house-to-house distribution—putting several papers together. We cannot approve this method, either, dear Brethren. In our judgment there is quite enough interesting matter in each number of the B.S.M. to make one number of it sufficient for one distribution. It is for this reason that we issue Volunteer matter at intervals—and not several numbers together. We believe that those Classes which circulate the Volunteer numbers as they are issued, and one copy at a time, do the best work, as well as the most economical work. We request that all do this; we decline to send assorted lots for general distribution.

We do recommend, however, that each Class keep on hand at its central meeting place a variety of the B.S.M., so that all the members of the Class can have access to these, should special numbers be desired for special individuals. Some of the numbers are not suitable for general circulation, but very important to have for special individuals—as, for instance, numbers treating with the Seventh Day Adventist doctrine, with Christian Science, Theosophy, Higher Criticism and Evolution. Similarly, a few copies of B.S.M. in foreign languages would be appropriate.

We merely seek, dear friends, the largest amount of good as the result of our mutual endeavors to serve the King and His Truth-hungry people. We hope that our readers will see the matter as we see it. Be sure, always, of our desire to cooperate in every form of service that commends itself to us as reasonable and economical.


All cheques, drafts, money orders, etc., should be made out to WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY. There are no exceptions to this rule.


— April 1, 1916 —