R5875-94 Poem: Passover Proving

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::R5875 : page 94::


John 18:11; Psalm 116:13.

The Cup my Father pours
Shall I not drink?
And precious, holy thoughts
Shall I not think?
And if His Love doth send
Less joy than pain,
And if all friends forsake,
Shall I complain?
If foes misrepresent
And work me woes,
Shall I not rest content
Since Father knows?

If where once friend I had
I Judas find,
Still Jesus holds me in
His love entwined.
He knew the love and loss
Of faithless friend;
He’ll know each step I take
Unto the end.
His love enfolds me fast—
I cannot fall.
The Cup my Father pours—
I’ll drink it all.

Hattie O. Henderson.


— March 15, 1916 —

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