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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ!

The matter of formally addressing you in regard to the “proposition” set forth in April 15th WATCH TOWER, concerning the cultivation of LOVE, has been in my mind for some time. Since your suggestion was that we note daily our progress in the matter, and write you occasionally of the same, I feel that I should not longer delay in so doing. I am greatly pleased and encouraged, dear Brother, with the success that I have been having in the cultivation of this most precious fruit, and I know that you also will be pleased to learn of my success.

Each evening before retiring I take an inventory of the little battles that have taken place in my life during the course of the day, and note to what degree I have exercised the spirit of love, forgiveness and forbearance toward those who oppose me. I find this to be an excellent tonic for the memory, which is ever inclined to forget; and by this method of daily rendering accounts, I have been enabled to come out of some of the most trying circumstances “more than conqueror.” The spirit of resentment is fast leaving my heart; and I must say that since accepting and acting upon the “proposition” I have discovered that a great deal of it was there.

Love for my Heavenly Father and His Truth is greatly augmented, and greater appreciation of, and love for, the brethren have I now that I am constantly on the alert to exercise the spirit of love toward all. The ignorant and vicious world, and even those who hate me for the Truth’s sake, I have learned to pity and forgive.

And now, dear Brother, feeling that the purpose of this epistle has been served, in that I have pointed out the lines along which I have noticed the particular development in love, and bearing in mind that you are a very, very busy man, I deem it expedient to close, happy in the intelligence that I am your Brother, by the Grace of God.

May your faith endure, and may the remembrance of your work on earth, among men, come up before God in everlasting praise. AMEN.

W. A. JARRETT.—Kansas.




Enclosed find money order, which I hoped to have sent you some time ago. I wish it were more. When I consider how much it means to me to have an understanding of the precious Present Truth, and how wonderful are the opportunities of the present life with reference to the High Calling of God in Christ Jesus, I feel that nothing that I have to give can properly express my gratitude to the Lord.

I take this opportunity to express, also, my gratitude to the little band of faithful workers who are associated with our dear Brother Russell in the Lord’s work. May His richest blessings attend you, and may He grant you an abundant entrance into His glorious Kingdom!

I am an Armenian who has taken refuge in this land of liberty from the persecutions of the Turks, and I thank our Heavenly Father for His mercies in this direction, as well as for the better understanding of His Word which I have gained since Pastor Russell’s books were put into my hands. I have found some earnest Bible students here and am so thankful for the help I receive through association with them! “Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love!” How we long for the consummation of our hopes—when “we shall be like Him” and “see Him as He is”! Yours in the one Hope, H. H. TEORIZIAN.—Calif.



I have often thought that it was probably my duty to write you to give you the loving satisfaction of knowing that another one of the consecrated sons of God has taken the VOW. I did this long since, informing my Heavenly Father, through prayer, that I took the VOW until death.

Dear Brother, I pray for you often that our kind and loving Father may give you strength, grace and wisdom in every hour of need. I go to the Heavenly Throne of grace every night and morning in behalf of all the consecrated Israelites in every land, in harmony with one of the provisions of the VOW.

“O! who’s like my Savior? He’s Salem’s bright King;
The sweet song of Moses He’s given me to sing.”

Your brother in the Lord’s service, W. A. NICHOLS.


— February 1, 1916 —