R5795-329 Poem: “Like As A Father Pitieth”

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::R5795 : page 329::


The night is so dark, and the way seems so long,
As we sadly and wearily struggle along;
So often we stumble, so frequently fall,
And the fear oft assails, “Shall we fail, after all?”

Poor hearts! we forget that the Master above
Ever watcheth each step in His infinite love,
And like as a father doth pity, the Lord
Ever pities all those who do trust in His Word.

No tear ever falls, when the heart’s wound is sore,
But the Lord’s tender heart keenly suffered the more;
No cup His hand pours, which He fills to the brim,
But His own loving lips were pressed first to its rim.

No night can be darker than that which He knew,
And no waters be deeper than those He passed through.
Ah! then, when thy cross seems too heavy to bear,
Oh, remember thy Lord doth know, pity and care!


— November 1, 1915 —