R5707-182 Poem: Arise, Then, O Army Of Gideon!

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::R5707 : page 182::

“Arise, then, O Army of Gideon!
Let him that is fearful return;
Jehovah wants only the zealous,
Whose hearts with the love of Truth burn!

“Your sword is the ‘Sword of the Spirit’;
Your lamp is the light from His Word;
Your pitcher, this poor earthen vessel
You break at the voice of your Lord.

“Is your light burning bright in your pitcher?
Doth your trumpet give forth certain sound?
Soon the Sword of the Lord and of Gideon
The enemy’s host will confound.

“For sure is the victory promised,
And great is the peace He awards;
Then ‘stand’ in your place, all ye faithful—
The battle’s not yours, but the Lord’s!


— June 15, 1915 —