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We appreciated very much the article in the March 15 WATCH TOWER entitled, “Preachers Back of Malicious Attack.” Of course, all of us were certain that the charges were false, but until the article appeared we had nothing with which to refute the falsity of them. Now we are fully armed.

One would hardly believe that reports could spread so rapidly.

We find here in Texas that the opposition to the Truth is so thoroughly organized throughout the country that every preacher, even in the smallest towns and in the rural districts, has in his possession copies, not only of all the books written in opposition to the Truth, but also of the charges

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made against Brother Russell and of our alleged teachings of a second chance, no punishment for sin, etc. In our Volunteer work we are making it a point to refute these charges whenever opportunity presents.

We are not inclining toward weariness in well doing. We are confident that we shall reap unspeakably glorious results in due time, and we believe the due time is not far off.

It is our delight to bear before the Throne of Heavenly Grace our dear Pastor and all others who suffer for righteousness’ sake. And we daily search our own hearts lest possibly we may shrink from joyfully sharing with these whatever the Lord may allow to come upon us. With continued love and prayers for all, we are,

Faithfully yours in His fellowship and service,




A short time ago, having heard your teachings roundly denounced by one or two brother clergymen, I obtained the six volumes of your STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES and began to study and investigate for myself. The final upshot of this inquiry has been that the whole of your views and position as set forth in the above volumes has convinced me beyond all question that modern Christendom is upon a false foundation, and that somehow the “Churches” have lost vital integral portions of that Truth which was delivered once for all to the saints. I have therefore recently felt it to be my duty to resign my position as an Anglican minister, as I am now certain that the “Churches” as at present organized do not, and cannot, truly and adequately represent our Lord to humanity as Redeemer. Why this is so you make abundantly and transparently clear in your STUDIES.

I have been engaged in the work of the ministry for the last thirteen years, and during this time have tenaciously held on to my position in the Church, although for some years I have had the instinctive feeling that in some way things were far from right within the borders of “Orthodoxy.” The difficulty was I did not know how to set about to try and remedy matters. Your third volume of the STUDIES, “Thy Kingdom Come,” shows clearly that there could be no remedy in these latter days, for the time of Harvest is come, and that the evident decay and disintegration of Christendom is the Lord’s method of gathering together His own Spiritual Elect Church. The whole thing has come to me with the force of a Divine Revelation—for such it assuredly is. I can only add that it has been the deep desire within to try and do my Lord’s will that has kept me within the “Orthodox” Church until the present. Now, however, that I see, as in a mirror, that He is calling me to come out of Babylon as with a stentorian voice—in view of her wickedness, worldliness, cruelty, hypocrisy and errors—I feel that I must obey Him at all costs. I have done this, and already I feel a sense of inner peace and tranquility coming over me. May God bless and keep you, Brother Russell, and all the brethren with you who are now busy making ready for the Coming of the King!

For myself I just want to do the Lord’s will in all things, and will be glad to serve and co-operate with you and the Association generally as may most effectively tend to assist in

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the establishment of our Lord’s Kingdom. Kindly use me as you may judge will be best to this great end. I am a married man with three children, but whatever difficulties may arise I have already proved that His grace is sufficient for me. He has shown me the road to take to do His will and He will enable me so to do.

I have made myself known to the brethren in Toronto and they have welcomed me in a most kind and brotherly way. If it should be the Lord’s will for me to remain in this city, it will be a joy and privilege to cooperate with them in seeking to further the great end we have in view. At the same time I have the feeling that if arrangements could be made for me to undertake a short, special course of study and training under your direction at Brooklyn it would do me much good and enable me to render more efficient service later on. I will, however, leave myself wholly in your hands and endeavor to begin to serve the Association as you may judge best.

With earnest prayers that your hands may be upheld in every possible way, and that God in His infinite mercy may shower upon you and the brethren generally still greater blessings for the Great Day yet to come, I am

Yours in the Lord, R. A. ROBINSON.—Canada.




I desire to testify to you that the last twelve months—for I am now nearly twelve months in the Truth—have been the most wonderful in my life. Looking back I can clearly see how our dear Lord has led me step by step, and given me strength sufficient to walk that narrow path that leads upward to Him. What joy and peace He has given me since I learned to look to Him, and what marvelous patience He has had with me!

The local Methodist minister (I used to be a member of his congregation) has desired me to return to his flock. He has used many arguments and has given me booklets to read; but he cannot answer me when I point out to him that neither he nor any of the denominational ministers were able to show me the path my Savior trod, and it was not until I came in touch with you, through your writings, that my eyes were opened and my ears unstopped to hear the call to consecrate my all to Him. How can I turn my back on one who has done so much for me!

Dear Brother, daily I ask God’s richest blessings for you. Will you pray for me—just once—that through His grace and strength I may be able to join you and others of His saints beyond the veil?

With love, your brother, J. C. EDWARDS.—Canada.




This year, when reading the MANNA for January 1st, I made a table of the appointments the Lord has furnished us for our building up in the faith, and fitting us to run in the narrow way. I was surprised at the number.

The daily appointments of Morning Resolve, Vow, hymn, MANNA and prayer that we have in common with all the Household of Faith, have been a blessing to me this year as never before. I believe that one reason for this is that I am learning more the value of prayer, and I try always to ask the Lord beforehand to bless the morning service to me. If I forget this, I notice a difference in my response to it. The fact that these appointments, though used daily, never wear out is a proof to me of their Divine origin. I am referring more especially now to the Vow and Resolve. I think there has never been a question that the hymns and the MANNA came from God.

In a Second Volume Berean lesson not long ago reference was made to the Lord’s gathering His people together in mental association and spiritual communion. In our home here we are realizing the special spiritual communion with the whole Israel of God that comes from using the same morning service; and I thanked God for the way He had arranged, that through the question books the consecrated were given the opportunity to come into mental association and have their attention drawn to the same thought in each paragraph to be especially emphasized. Thus one could leave a class in Halifax and go to a class in Los Angeles, and be at home in the STUDIES immediately; that is if these classes were up to date. There is nothing else like it on earth; and the value of this arrangement cannot be emphasized too much, as we believe such a wonderful arrangement for the building up in knowledge that we may grow in grace has been under the direct supervision of our beloved Bridegroom and Head, the Chief Reaper in the Harvest.

I send you a large bundle of that most precious commodity, the love that comes because of being a member of the Anointed One. May the God of all consolation comfort and refresh you continually is my prayer.

Your Sister by His kind favor, LILLA S. WARD




I am constrained to acquaint you with the news that in God’s hands you have been a means of blessing to us who were for some time spiritually cast down. I was aforetime a Baptist pastor and evangelist in England, earnest in my endeavors for the Gospel’s sake, and had to suffer because I could not bend to those who thought they had the right to lay down the law. I felt that there was something lacking in their teachings and was in such perplexity that I drifted into indifference and unhappiness.

Heartily disgusted with the worldliness and “isms” of the churches, and worst of all their denial of God’s Word, I involuntarily cried, “Send out Thy light and Thy Truth; let them lead me!” “Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation!”

About this time my father mailed me a WATCH TOWER copy of THE DIVINE PLAN OF THE AGES, but I was so prejudiced—regarding you as one of the modern upstarts—that I relegated it to the bottom of my box, unread. Again I was presented with, this time, a bound copy of the same book! In curiosity I began to read, and my curiosity soon became deep interest and diligent Bible study and my prayer has been answered!

In God’s power I have been able to interest others; my brother-in-law has joined in our studies and desires to add his testimony to mine in gratitude to God for your ministrations. May God continue to abundantly bless you in your noble and fearless proclamation of THE Truth!

As opportunity offers we do our little for the spread of present-day truths and have been blessed accordingly. True, we have had to endure misjudgment and misunderstanding, but we rejoice to be accounted worthy to suffer these things for Him who endured so much for us.

Feeling sure that such testimony will gladden your heart, and rejoicingly awaiting the establishment of the Kingdom,

Gratefully yours in Christ, JOHN A. PERRY.—Australia.


— May 15, 1915 —