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1915—OUR YEAR TEXT—1915

WE have chosen as a text for the year the Master’s words uttered just before His crucifixion to two of His dear disciples, who had asked to sit with Him in His Throne. We have selected the Master’s reply as the text for this year: “Are ye able to drink of My cup?”—Matthew 20:20-23.

Who knows what this year may bring forth! Who knows but that there may be some special trial, cup of suffering or ignominy, for the loyal followers of the Lamb during 1915! It seems well that we should have this text especially before our minds, “Are ye able to drink of My cup?” Let us answer as did the two disciples on that occasion, “We are able.” This was not a boast on their part. It was merely a declaration of their full decision that, whatever circumstances or conditions might arise, they had no thought of any other course than that of obedience to the Lord and of following in His footsteps.

Let us make such a decision promptly. Let us think of it daily. Let us remember, too, that to all those who make such a prompt decision of their determination to drink of His cup, the Lord gave the same assurance that He gave to those two disciples; namely, “Ye shall drink of My cup.” We are glad of the assurance that we shall drink of the Lord’s cup, because we know that only those who drink of His cup will share with Him in the glories of the future, because we know that those who drink of His cup are especially loved of the Father, because we delight to do the will of our Father and to walk in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus.

We have some little cards illustrative of this year’s text. We had hoped for them in time for the holidays, but our printing was delayed. We shall be glad to send one of these cards to each regular attendant of the different Classes of the I.B.S.A., upon application of the Class Secretary, or to any other WATCH TOWER subscriber living in a place where there is no class. You will please receive them as little souvenirs from the Society. The card has a medallion head of the Savior—a beautiful one, embossed. Around the edges is shown a grape-vine, bearing large bunches of grapes, representing the fruitage of the Holy Spirit, proceeding from the Church and primarily from the Lord, who declares, “I am the Vine; ye are the branches.” At the bottom of the card is a very fine reproduction of the Last Supper. On the card are the

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words of our text for the year, “Are ye able to drink of My Cup?”

The medallion picture of our Lord is an extraordinary one—admittedly one of the finest. The legend respecting it is interesting. It is the reproduction of an intaglio cut in an emerald. It purports to have come from the Roman Governor of Judea to the Roman Caesar, and was found amongst the valuables of the Caesars at the time of the fall of Constantinople, which for some time was the seat of government. It was presented to the Pope and is now amongst the treasures of the Vatican. A finely painted copy of this in a gilt frame was presented to us, and this picture and the frame have been reproduced on the card for the comfort and refreshment of you all. It is our desire that one copy of it should be in the hands of each WATCH TOWER subscriber; hence the above suggestion as to how you can best procure it.

On the reverse side of this card we have printed “Our Morning Resolve.” Quite a good many have expressed their appreciation of this little Resolve and have assured us that it brought them a blessing—greater contentment of heart—greater resignation to the Divine will—greater joy in the Lord. We trust that having it on these cards may induce many of THE WATCH TOWER readers to make this Resolve their own and thus to share in this blessing. “The blessing of the Lord maketh rich.”


— January 1, 1915 —