R5577-343 Poem: “My Presence Shall Go With Thee”

::R5577 : page 343::


Almighty God, the Lord of Heaven and Earth,
O, Thou, the Source and Centre of each sphere,
The Lord of Being, throned afar, whose hand
Upholds the weight of worlds, yet, wondrous thought!—
Nor day nor night too occupied to note
E’en when a sparrow falls to earth, whose eyes
A watch-care keep o’er every child of Thine;

Whose guardian angels daily shape the course
Of those who love Thee more than life itself;
Whose chastening rod doth guide them in the way
That leads to endless life! How sweet to feel
Thy presence ever near, to know that Thou
Dost never sleep nor slumber while Thy child
In time of need doth cry for help from Thee!

O, Thou, in Whom no shade of turning lies,
Thou changeless and unvariable One!
Though all unfaithful prove; yea, though the earth
And heavens depart, by faith we clasp Thy hand,
We calmly rest our weary hearts on Thee,
Assured that Thou wilt ne’er forsake, that we
Shall be forever precious in Thy sight!

October 19, 1914 G. W. SEIBERT.


— November 15, 1914 —