R5457-138 Poem: Strength – Development

::R5457 : page 138::


The strong right arm is only strong
Because an active will
Has made it serve. But were that arm
Left idly hanging still,
‘Twould lose the hoarded strength of years,
And lose more rapidly
Than it was gained, by Nature’s law
Of inactivity.

‘Tis true of souls. They gather strength
With every cross they bear,
With every humble sacrifice,
With every heartfelt prayer,
With every conflict bravely met,
And trial bravely borne;
With every throb of anguish felt
When tender ties are shorn.

The tears and toils of His dear ones
Are wisely, kindly, sent
By Him who knoweth what they need
For soul-development.
The path of idleness is one
By vagrant children trod.
They grow in grace most rapidly
Who labor most for God. Unknown.


— May 1, 1914 —