R5361-362 Poem: Seed-Time And Harvest

::R5361 : page 362::


We are sowing, ever sowing,
Something good or something ill
In the lives of those around us—
We are planting what we will.

Not a word we say falls fruitless,
Not a deed we do decays;
Every thought and word and action
Will be found in future days,

When perhaps the hand that sowed them
Shall itself have ceased to be;
Still the record of their being
Will live on eternally.

Grant, then, Lord of all the harvest,
That the seeds we daily sow
May refresh the hearts of others,
Spreading blessing as they grow.

May each thought and word and action
Be the growth of Christian love,
To be found in coming ages
In Thy garner-house above!

Treasured there, in Thine own keeping,
Just to prove our love was true;
For the motive gives the value
To the meanest thing we do.
Charlotte Murray


— December 1, 1913 —