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OUR gifts should in some sense of the word always represent ourselves. All who recognize themselves as New Creatures should have this in mind at this season of the year. We refresh your memories by the following brief announcements of items we carry in stock, additional to our general stock of Bibles and Bible Study Helps mentioned on the reverse side of this page of THE WATCH TOWER:

Studies in the Scriptures.” India paper edition, fine leather binding, gold edges, light, small, beautiful, $4.80 (1L), postpaid.

Studies in the Scriptures.” Morocco, over boards, gold edges, but on paper the same as the ordinary cloth edition, suitable for book-shelf, $3.60 (15s) per set of six volumes, postpaid.

Studies,” Volume I., with Pyramid Chapter added. This special edition is very suitable for presentation to uninterested friends. Many have had their interest awakened by the reading of the Pyramid Chapter. We recommend this Volume for gift purposes. Postpaid 50c. (2s 1d), but, to stimulate its wide circulation, we offer ten copies for $3.50 (14s 7d), postpaid.

Poems of Dawn.” Nearly three hundred very choice poems topically divided, the very thing each should have near him for a leisure moment. The value of these as spiritual stimulants is inestimable. They can be appreciated by all Christians, though of course especially by those possessing a knowledge of Present Truth. Postpaid in cloth binding 25c. (1s); leather-bound 50c. (2s 1d).

In the Garden of the Lord.” This little booklet is a choice poem from the pen of Sister Seibert. It contains sixteen colored illustrations, twenty-four pages. Postpaid 6c. (3d) each; per dozen 65c. (2s 8d).

The Sweet Briar Rose.” A poem by Sister Seibert, with a commendation of “The Divine Plan of the Ages.” Postpaid 2c. (1d) each; per hundred 50c. (2s 1d).

Choice Motto Cards for home embellishment and spiritual refreshment.

Packet Mz, containing fifteen small cards with different texts, postpaid 50c. (2s 1d).

Number Mv, containing eight small and three large-sized cards, 50c. (2s 1d).

Number Ma, containing fifteen small and six a little larger sized cards, $1 (4s 2d).

Number Mb, containing six small, six a little larger and three medium-sized motto cards, $1 (4s 2d).

Number Mc, containing six small and six medium-sized cards, $1 (4s 2d).

Number Md, containing six small, six a little larger and three large cards, $1 (4s 2d).

Number Me, containing four large cards, $1 (4s 2d).

Where $5 (L1 10d) worth of these are sent to one address the saving in package and expressage would be 50c., making the price $4.50 (18s 9d). Order by number only.

Postcards. Assorted mottoes and designs, 15c. (7-1/2d) per dozen; $1.15 (4s 10d) per hundred.

Memory Cards. We have two different sets of these—No. 1 and No. 2. Colors of the cards indicate the topic. As for instance, purple represents royalty and the Kingdom, garnet represents the redeeming blood, etc. On one side of the cards are texts appropriate to the color. On the reverse side of the card is the citation of where it is found. Fifty cards to the pack, 25c. (1s 1d) per pack, postpaid. These can be used personally or with a company of friends. The design is to commit the text to memory and its citation. Many have found these very useful.

Jerusalem Remembrancers of Olivewood. Brother Russell purchased a quantity of these on the occasion of his last visit to Jerusalem. We still have some remaining—paper knives and paper weights made of olivewood highly polished. Postpaid 10c. (5d) each. In quantities, 80c. (3s 4d) per dozen.


Write your letters and your full address very plainly.

Write your orders on a separate sheet of paper.

If answering a letter marked File A, File R, or otherwise, refer to it in the opening paragraph of your letter.

The Editor thanks you for clippings received from time to time, but requests that in every case the articles be marked to indicate the name of the paper in which they appeared, and the date.


— November 1, 1913 —