R5258-183 Poem: Hope

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::R5258 : page 183::


“O Father, just to see Thee face to face,
E’er endless death
Should claim me for its own—
To hear Thy voice, behold Thy Throne!
And for one moment
Hear Thee call me Thine, and Thine alone!
Ah! that were worth
Long years of suffering and pain.

“But what, O God, must be the joy of this—
To see Thy face,
To feel Thy touch, and folded to Thy breast
To hear Thee say, “We ne’er shall part!”
Break not, O heart!
Though thou hast naught of worth,
Be this thy plea
God’s own Almighty love, and Christ’s sufficiency.”
A Friend.


— June 15, 1913 —