R5250-168 Poem: One More Day’s Work For Jesus

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::R5250 : page 168::

“One more day’s work for Jesus,
One less of life for me!
But Heaven is nearer, and Christ is dearer,
Than yesterday to me;
His love and light fill all my soul tonight!

“One more day’s work for Jesus!
How glorious is my King!
‘Tis joy, not duty, to show His beauty;
My soul mounts on the wing,
At the mere thought how Christ my life has bought!

“One more day’s work for Jesus!
How sweet the work has been,
To tell the story, to show the glory,
Where Christ’s flock enter in!
How it did shine in this poor heart of mine!

“O blessed work for Jesus!
O rest at Jesus’ feet!
There toil seems pleasure, my wants are treasure,
And pain for Him is sweet.
Lord, if I may, I’ll serve another day!”


— June 1, 1913 —