R5221-121 Poem: “What Shall I Render Unto The Lord?”

::R5221 : page 121::


(Psalm 116:12-14)

What shall I render, Lord, to Thee
For all Thy benefits toward me?
For life and every earthly good,
For raiment, shelter, daily food;
For light and Truth, for peace and love,
For heavenly wisdom from above?—
How great Thy bounties unto me!
What have I that is not from Thee?

For all these benefits toward me,
What shall I render, Lord, to Thee?
The Cup Thy hand of Love hath poured,
I’ll humbly take, most gracious Lord,
And call upon Thy holy name
To help me Thy great Plan proclaim;
I’ll spend my days in ceaseless praise,
And tell abroad Thy wondrous ways!

“Salvation’s Cup”—of suffering, too—
Of suffering with God’s chosen few,
Dear Lord, I’ll drink of this, Thy Cup,
And smiling through my tears, look up—
A mingled Cup of grief and joy,
Of blessedness without alloy,
Of Love and fellowship Divine,
A foretaste of the Kingdom-wine!

That all, dear Lord, may know and see
Thy countless benefits toward me,
Before Thy congregation, now,
I’ll pay my consecration Vow;
And in Thy strength, supplied each day,
I’ll strive to walk the narrow way
That leads to rest and God and Thee,
And blissful immortality! GERTRUDE W. SEIBERT.


— April 15, 1913 —