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THE reports of the celebration of the Memorial Supper this year have come in much more satisfactorily than on any previous occasion. The total number celebrating the Memorial reported up to this writing is ten thousand five hundred and seventy. We will probably hear later from a sufficient number to run this total to twelve thousand.

Many will be interested to know how the different Ecclesias stand numerically. For their satisfaction we append the numbers from fifty upward. These numbers, as a whole, of course, are very small, as compared with the large organizations of Christendom, but we believe that they represent such as have really made quite full and intelligent consecration of their lives to God, such as are able to give a reason for the hope that is in them, in meekness and reverence. We must assume that of our thirty to fifty thousand WATCH TOWER readers more than the aforementioned number partook of the Memorial Bread and Cup, but why they failed to report we cannot understand. So far as we have knowledge the Lord’s people have never had, in late years at least, a celebration of deeper spiritual significance, nor one more thoroughly appreciated, both as respects the merit of our Lord’s death and our pledge to partake of his cup.


Brooklyn, N.Y., 461; Chicago, Ill., 390; Pittsburg, Pa., 330; Boston, Mass., 280; Philadelphia, Pa., 175; Los Angeles, Cal., 175; Cleveland, Ohio, 145; Washington, D.C., 133; St. Paul, Minn., 120; St. Louis, Mo., 114; Seattle, Wash., 110; Toronto, Ont., 110; Providence, R.I., 105; Dayton, Ohio, 97; Indianapolis, Ind., 96; Buffalo, N.Y., 85; Detroit, Mich., 83; Bristol, Eng., 80; Cincinnati, Ohio, 77; Oakland, Cal., 76; Sheffield, Eng., 73; Orebro, Sweden, 72; Stockholm, Sweden, 72; Lancaster, Pa., 71; Columbus, Ohio, 70; Lynn, Mass., 68; Toledo, Ohio, 65; Kingston, Jamaica, 63; Portland, Ore., 62; San Antonio, Tex., 61; Baltimore, Md., 60; Springfield, Mass., 58; Kansas City, Mo., 58; Pasadena, Cal., 56; Binghamton, N.Y., 55; Houston, Texas, 55; Richmond, Va., 55; Camberwell, Jamaica, 53; Spokane, Wash., 53; Atlanta, Ga., 51; Birmingham, Ala., 50.

Additional reports from England have just been received and are as follows: London Tabernacle and suburban districts, 515; Manchester, Eng., 140; Liverpool, Eng., 67. The report from Glasgow, Scotland, is delayed. It should be in the neighborhood of 300. If matters progress as we hope, there will probably be over 500 next year reporting from Travancore District, India. We will hope also for some reports from Africa. Meantime we remark that two of the above reports are from Jamaica, the classes being composed almost exclusively of negroes. The Lord be praised for the encouragement of numbers, but specially for the evidences of spiritual prosperity!


— May 15, 1911 —