R4202-206 Letters Commending The “Vow”

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I am just in receipt of June 15th TOWER, and so far as read have been much edified by it. It is my pleasure to inform you promptly that the “Vow to the Lord” which you suggest, is very earnestly and readily made to him; in fact, it is but a renewal under different language of a vow very understandingly (on my part) made some years ago, and in which I have been very abundantly blessed. No doubt a fervent recalling and renewal will bring further blessing, and I am rejoiced at the opportunity of so doing and in a more open and public manner. I shall make a similar statement to our Waukesha and Milwaukee classes, to both of which I expect to minister the coming Sunday.

Surely the article was very timely, and may it, and the blessed vow, be but “stepping-stones” to all. We know they will prove only so to the “very elect.” The truth, and complete information as to how to serve it in detail, are always a “savor of life unto life, or death unto death.” Those who “stumble at the Word, being disobedient,” are “appointed thereunto,” and while we for a time may be in sorrow through such and other “manifold” trials, we remember that they are for the testing of our faith, which is of much more value than gold that perisheth, even though it be tried by fire, and which will “be found unto praise, and honor and glory, at the appearing of Jesus Christ.” So let us “endure hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.”

Since the topic is up, the occasion seems to be appropriate for a suggestion that I want to make, knowing you will accept it in the spirit of love in which it is made, and use it so far as wisdom indicates to be proper. The dear Colporteurs are going out in groups of mixed sexes and unmarried. Owing to inexperience, ardentness of spirit, inherent fleshly defects, and unfeigned brotherly love, it is easy for these—in fact, almost impossible for them not to overstep the bounds of prudence in apparent or surface fleshly relations—which the sound judgment of the world on this subject has established—while every thought and word and deed is pure. To the pure all this will be pure; but the world is not pure, and readily speaks and imputes evil. Therefore, the Church of God must avoid all appearance of evil, and do nothing, make no arrangements that seem to abet evil. The point is, cannot these groups or camps when arranged, be wholly male and wholly female; no groups of both sexes being sent to the same places?

A little incident occurred at Madison, Wis., at the time of your recent visit there which I believe will interest you.

Sister Hanson, of Kansas City, writing Sister Rutherford, who is summering here, makes statement as follows:

“I wrote my nephew, who was a student in Madison, about Brother Russell’s being there; he attended both services and thought them fine. He believes the Truth. He tells me that some of the students that were there, and had intended to jeer and make fun, said that if the Bible is true, that is the truth.”

Knowing the quality of the students at the large Universities, and recognizing that they would be more or less stirred up to mischief by the title of your discourse, I had rather anticipated that a united attempt would be made to interrupt your address. It seems that the Great One who is overruling our affairs, is able also on occasions like this to overrule for benefits, and I know that you as well as we, who already know of this instance, will be cheered and edified by the outcome.

I rejoice, dear brother, to attest again to you my full appreciation of your labor in the Lord, my fullest confidence and my earnest, warm and unfeigned brotherly love. I hope ere long to see you again face to face. Give all the Bible House household our warm love and greeting. Yours in him, W. E. PAGE,—Wis.

* * *

[IN REPLY:—The Society has similarly advised the dear Colporteurs, and at the risk of being misunderstood, has adhered to its rule of not making mixed assignments. However, we consider that our duty on this subject ceases there. Where the dear friends, for reasons of their own, work on each other’s assignment we do not feel it incumbent to object further, knowing well that their heart-desires are of the very best.]


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I am thankful for the privilege of informing you that the vow published in the last TOWER has been registered with our Father as my vow. It already has impressed me as being necessary to this evil hour, especially as we are convinced of the increasing necessity for “circumcision of the heart.”

The Lord has dealt graciously with me, and I do love him and want to please him in carrying out my consecration, of which I consider this vow now a part. I ask your prayers on my behalf.

May our Father continue his blessing upon you, dear brother, and upon us through your willing service. Praise to him. With much love, A. M. SAPHORE,—N.J.



In accordance with your request, I drop you a line in reference to vow of June 15 TOWER.

I made the vow to the Lord, dear brother, then, and rejoice in the privilege, for it has been along these lines that I have had to keep a constant guard since I have come to a knowledge of the Truth—nearly seven years ago. In my petitions to the Lord, I appealed for strength constantly, and in due time I received the strength needed, which I consider a miracle.

Dear brother, you probably do not know how much good and how needful those articles in the TOWER are! But surely the Lord saw the need. May the dear Lord continue his favored blessings with you, and all associated with you in the harvest work.

Your brother in the dear Redeemer,




R. H. Bricker, J. H. Blackmore, C. E. Reed, John G. Kuehn, S. J. Arnold, W. E. Page, Henry Hoskins, Sr., R. E. Streeter, Paul S. L. Johnson and wife, Sister H. O. Henderson, Dr. S. N. Wiley, Dr. W. D. Pelle, Ray Domerandwife, C. D. Welborne, Mrs. J. M. White, Emil H. Herrscher, F. Brown, Bernice Mc Naught, W. H. Spring, W. W. Blackandwife, J. F. Emmersonandwife, C. E. Myers, Mrs. E. M. Detwiler, Mrs. F. P. Van Amburgh, Mrs. A. M. Weber, Ed. H. Wilhelm, SamuelS. Jacobs, M. H. Myers, C. M. Utzler, Virgil C. Haviland, C. H. Dickinson, J. W. Watts, H. E. Whitenut, J. A. Seip, Ethel Halstead, J. O. Faulk, Wm. Lowry, Mrs. M. Mc Ginnis, B. F. Boyer, Springtown, Pa.; Mrs. C. C. Stone, Worcester, Mass.; L. M. De La Mater, Catskill, N.Y.; G. M. Hunt, Colorado Springs, Col.; Geo. W. Harner, Veedersburg, Ind.; J. F. White, Chelsea, Mass.; Brotherand Sister Merrow, Kittery, Me.; Granville Houchins, Huntington, W. Va.; W. E. Richards, Toledo, Ohio; Mrs. Carrie Beatty, Kansas City, Mo.; A. O. Ogston, Everett, Mass.; E. S. Mason, Bloomington, Ill.; H. P. Gleason, Hyde Park, Mass.; Viola E. Imhoff, Mrs. A. Hamilton, Brother Moran, Beth Wikof, Ella V. Dyer, J. A. Hodges, Brotherand Sister Woodley, C. E. Fellow, Lydia A. Mc Mier, John M. Lathwell, B. F. Payen, H. S. Blankenship, Roy G. Ratcliff, J. Marriot, Alex. M. Graham, Mrs. Alex. M. Graham, Carl F. Hammerle, D. V. Haymes, C. E. Frost, J. E. Starks.

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It is now about five years since I came into the light of Present Truth, and the Lord has blessed me with the privilege of having the six volumes of DAWN, and the TOWERS from 1890, all of which I have carefully gone through, and from which I have received a course of Bible Study, a knowledge of our heavenly Father, and our dear Lord, and the plans and purposes and my relation thereto, sufficient thanks for which would indeed be hard for me to put in words. But I have the privilege of thanking you for the service rendered unto me, for I knew nothing of the Bible, although a reader of it from boyhood, until the Lord in his own due time placed in my hands the “meat in due season” from your hands.

I have in these past years learned to go to these helps (TOWERS and DAWNS) for all points that have perplexed me, and with very few exceptions have always received a reasonable Scriptural explanation that made things plain to my mind. Until now if a point comes up that I do not grasp I go for help, using the assistance the Lord has provided in them for me and for all the watching ones. The exceptions I have written to you about, and you know they have been few, and in thanking you I am thanking our dear Lord and Head, who “has girded himself” and is “now serving the table.” Our heavenly Father I also thank.

I have practised medicine here since 1889 and had quite an extensive practice up to the present time, and since coming into the Truth Sister Senor and I have used up in the Truth, one way or another, as we thought the Lord would have us use it, all above our living expenses (and a provision for those dependent upon us, a reasonable one we hope, until 1914), by sending TOWERS, DAWNS, etc., over the counties near by.

Your brother in Christ, S. D. SENOR,—Missouri.


— July 1, 1908 —