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In addition to my report I wish to tell you how much I enjoyed the Niagara Convention. It was my first General Convention and it was far beyond my highest expectations. I appreciated it all very much, especially your kind words of encouragement and advice to the colporteurs.

I am so thankful to our dear heavenly Father that the way was opened up for us to go out in the harvest work and attend to our parental obligations by having our little one with us. I consider this a great privilege, and oh, the blessed experiences which we have in the work! I will mention some since we have been here. One forenoon I had secured 33 orders in the neighborhood of the U.B. minister’s home. Half an hour after meeting him, the minister was around, calling where I had taken orders and advising the people not to take the books. At one place where they had ordered them, before I left some one came with D. M. Panton’s tract on the “Deadly errors of MILLENNIAL DAWN revealed.” But, thank the Lord, neither the minister’s warnings nor the warning of the tract influenced the people so as to have them cancel their orders. Those very people have more of a determination to read the books than if the preacher had remained at home. We know they cannot overthrow the Lord’s work. “Praise the Lord, oh, my soul, for his mercy endureth forever.”

We realize the Father’s leading more and more each day; and know it is only with his strength and grace that we are able to do anything at all. We do appreciate all the favors which we receive, the promptness in which the orders are filled, the TOWERS, sermons, etc.—they are all so good!

May our heavenly Father richly bless you, dear brother, as you dispense the meat in due season to the household of faith. With much Christian love to yourself and all the Bible House staff,

Yours in his service,

(MRS.) B. VANHYNING,—Colporteur.



Enclosed find my Pilgrim report for this month and money order for balance due the Society.

I returned to Atlanta Sept. 9 very much reduced in physical health and strength. It was with great difficulty that I finished my route; but the good Lord gave just enough strength to complete it. It does not seem as though I could have filled another appointment, but am better now. The last week of rest and quiet has been a great help, and today for the first I feel quite like myself.

I rejoice as I think that if we only keep the sacrifice bound to the altar it will not be long before it will all be consumed. Sister Henika and I are thankful that we made the sacrifice of not attending the Niagara Convention so I could take the Pilgrim trip, for the friends in the extreme South, where there is not so much Pilgrim service as in some other parts of the country, were very glad to get the service of even this frail earthen vessel, so we feel that your decision of the matter was approved of the Lord, and each has received a blessing in making the sacrifice.

As this is the fourth season that I have spent in the southern Pilgrim work you may want to know what I find of the spread of the Truth in the extreme South. While you will see by my reports that the interest and numbers are a little on the increase the opposition to the “Present Truth” in the South is very great; but there is one thing that is breaking it down, and that is that the friends are showing their faith by their works. I find that where there has been an increase of interest, or even a more favorable disposition to the Truth, it is the result of consistent living on the part of those who have made the covenant to sacrifice. (I Pet. 2:12.) And so their neighbors are beginning to come and see what it is that is lifting the daily walk and lives of those in “Present Truth” above that of the nominal Church people. It is a mystery to them how the Truth people live the high standard of life that they do and do not believe in eternal torment. How much we have to be thankful for that we have the “eyesalve” which enables us to see the “mystery hid for ages.”

The Church in Atlanta send Christian love and greeting to the TOWER office and to Brother Russell.

Your brother in Christ,



— December 1, 1907 —