R4099-364 Poem: “Our Sufficiency Is Of Christ”

::R4099 : page 364::


Where’s the day I’ll call dreary,
While his favor shines so bright?
Where’s the time in which I’ll weary
Of his loving words of light?

Where’s the test of faith that’s greater
Than the measure of his grace?
Where’s the loss of goods more precious
Than what’s given in its place?

Where’s the stone on which I’ll stumble
While I trust to him my hand?
Where’s the fear to make me tremble
When his words the winds command?

Where’s the cross that is too heavy
When his strength doth lend me aid?
Where’s the crowned head I’d envy
Since he’s having my crown made?

Where’s the home that we could long for
Like his palace up above?
Where’s a way more fit to get there
Than his narrow way of love?

B. H. Barton.


— December 1, 1907 —