R4034-228 Hospitality At Conventions

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THE Scriptures everywhere commend hospitality, and the Apostle points us to the fact that Abraham entertained three men who were strangers, and knew not until afterward that they were angels. We are glad to note the growth of a hospitable spirit amongst all the dear friends of the Truth everywhere. We would not say a word in restraint of this, believing that it signifies an enlargement of heart that is pleasing to the Lord and profitable to the individuals themselves. We do wish, however, to suggest that there are times when hospitality in the way of entertaining the friends at our homes might really be injurious to the interests we desire to serve. For instance, at Convention times those who endeavor to be hospitable will usually find their strength so taxed, their time so taken up, that they fail to get the spiritual blessings which they had anticipated. This is not right—not wise. Your first obligation is to yourself and your own family. We urge, therefore, that at Convention times you seek to have everything as simple and plain as possible, that your mind may be given to the spiritual food and to the arrangement of the Bridal dress, remembering that it is written of the Bride class, “The Bride hath made herself ready,” and that this means special care of our wedding-garment.

It would be well for visiting friends to come expecting to take their meals at a restaurant, and if they lodge with others, to do their share or a little more in the way of lightening the home burdens, that all may rejoice together and have a spiritual feast. At an economical restaurant dinners need cost little more than they cost at home, and that little is more than offset by the increased rest and peace which this method affords. “Whether we eat or drink, or whatsoever we do, let us do all to the glory of God.”—I Corinthians 10:31.


— August 1, 1907 —