R4007-175 An Encouraging Letter

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I have been to St. Paul, Minn., to the Memorial, and learned concerning the prospective Convention to be held there in July. Am delighted the Lord is thus favoring them, as there are many new ones apparently coming in there now. I think that about ten or twelve, who have become interested from the sale of DAWNS, are attending the meetings, and that about ten have made entire consecration.

I was surprised to see the rapid growth of the Church there in zeal and love. You advised them to have a Wednesday evening testimony meeting and use a verse of Scripture for the text and they are carrying it out to the letter. The first Wednesday meeting I attended there were twenty-two present, all living long distances away, and all seemed ready to give testimony along the line of the subject. They use your text for the preceding Sunday’s discourse published in the Pittsburg Dispatch. They meet at a different home of the brethren each week until they complete the circuit, as some cannot get to meeting at any other time than when it is at their home.

Minneapolis is carrying out the same plan. Sundays they all meet together, and the Elders are giving some fine discourses.

My heart has been greatly rejoiced of late to learn of three who after being stirred up by your discourse at Lynn, Mass., in January accepted the terms of consecration and complied therewith. They were from my home town in Nova Scotia, some of my warmest friends. I gave two of them the “Plan of the Ages” seven years ago, but they never read it or valued the Truth in the least until they heard you in January.

I thought I would write you privately about these things, as your heart would be rejoiced to learn of the prosperity of the Kingdom work anywhere. We are always rejoiced when anyone is benefited by the sale of the books, and I know you must be even more so. I have a friend who is reading with great interest, and is accepting the Truth as fast as she sees it. I have been almost sure her life has been consecrated to the Lord for years, it has been so beautiful. She cannot afford to pay for the TOWER and will you kindly place her name on the Lord’s poor list.

Yours in him, E. E. M.,—Minn.


— June 1, 1907 —