R3993-150 Poem: Little Opportunities

::R3993 : page 150::


“We all might do good where we often do ill;
There is always a way, if we have but the will:
For even a word, kindly breathed or suppressed,
May guard off some pain, or give peace to some breast.

“We all might do good in a thousand small ways;
Forbearing to flatter, yet giving due praise:
In spurning ill rumor, reproving wrong done,
And treating but kindly the heart we have won.

“We all might do good whether lowly or great—
A deed is not judged by the purse or estate;
If only a cup of cold water is giv’n,
Like the mite of the widow ’tis something for heav’n.”


— May 15, 1907 —