R3919-394 Poem: “A Little Child Shall Lead Them”

::R3919 : page 394::


—ISAIAH 11:6—

A little child shall lead them!
Oh blessed, blessed time—
The Universe will be at peace,
The Bells of Heaven will chime,
As Angel Choirs again will sing
The song of Bethlehem’s plain,
Glory to God! “How good He is!”
On Earth good will to men.

A little child shall lead them;
The fierce—the meek—the strong
No chains shall hold, nor fetters bind
The captives in that throng.
But Love shall be the leading string
The Universe to sway!
A Baby’s fingers will control
And guide them in the way.

A little child shall lead them;
The pride and pomp of War,
The captives’ groan, the angry tone
The battle’s awful roar—
No more disturb the harmony
Of Earth’s long-sought repose;
And Wilderness and desert place
Shall blossom as the rose.

A little child shall lead them;
The meek, so long oppressed,
Will then rejoice in perfect peace
And all the earth possess.
No more will vain ambition rule
Nor drench with blood the sod,
But all the ransomed human sons
Rejoice before their God.

Oh Precious Master, in whose arms
The little ones were blessed,
Unmindful of the clamoring crowd
That round thy pathway pressed,—
Fill our hearts with childlike faith,
Let Love expel the leaven
Of Sin’s unholy blighting power,
For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.


— December 15, 1906 —