R3905-383 Bibles, Testaments, Student’s Helps etc. Supplied At Wholesale Cost Prices

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Bibles, Testaments, Students’ Helps, Etc. SUPPLIED AT WHOLESALE COST PRICES

IN presenting our list of Bibles this year we have dropped a number which we previously carried and have selected others which we think more desirable. We give below a list which, although not very large, we think will cover a range sufficiently broad to suit the wants of nearly all. However, should any of the friends desire a more complete list to select from, we shall be pleased to mail publishers’ catalogues upon postal card application.

This list supersedes all previous lists. Bible publishers announce that, owing to increased cost of material and labor, they have found it necessary to advance the price of many of the cheaper grades.




No. (Add Postage on these, 20c each.) Pub. Our
04403 Minion, French Morocco, div. cir., round corners, Price Price red under gold, references, linen lined, 7-1/4 x 5……. 1.35 .94 8301
Minion, French Morocco, div. cir., red under gold, illustrated, full teachers’ helps, references, linen, 7-3/4 x 5-1/4……….. 1.45 .95
(Add Postage on these, 26c each.)
8701 Long Primer, French Morocco, div. cir., red under gold, helps, references, concordance, illustrated, linen, 8-1/2 x 6………. 1.95 1.25
8702 Same as 8701, leather lined……………………… 2.35 1.55


These Bibles show the variations of the Revised Version at the foot of each page. Otherwise it is an ordinary “Teachers’ Bible,” with maps, concordance, etc., illustrated.

(Add Postage on these, 28c each.)
610 Bourgeois, French Seal, div. cir., red under gold, 8 x 6 x 1-3/4……… 5.00 1.25
614 Same as 610, leather lined………………………. 6.00 1.55


Hitherto these Bibles have been sold by Subscription Agents only. Its special feature, differentiating it from other Teachers’ Bibles, is that it shows the readings of the Common and Revised Versions side by side in the same line, self pronouncing. (This is the Bible of which we procured a special edition with wide margins and DAWN and TOWER references thereon; and of which edition we have no more.)

(Add Postage on these, 30c each.)
350 Small Pica, French Seal, red under gold, full teachers’ helps, 8-3/4 x 6 x 1-1/2………. 6.00 2.10
360 Small Pica, Levant Morocco, kid lined, otherwise same as 350……………….10.00 4.25


(Add Postage on these, 15c each.)
01153 Ruby, French Morocco, round cor., red under gold, div. cir., text only, 5-1/2 x 3-7/8 x 1-1/8… .85 .58
01327 Minion, French Morocco, div. circ. red under gold, text and maps, 6 x 3-3/8 x 1-1/4………….. 1.10 .75
01329 Same as 01327, leather lined to edge……………… 1.50 1.00
194 Minion, French Morocco, div. cir., red under gold, text, 5-7/8 x 4 x 1-1/4……………. 1.10 .75


“Mite” Bible (the smallest Bible).
093x Venetian Morocco, div. cir., gilt edges with magnifying glass, 1-3/4 x 1-1/4 x 5/8…………… 1.00 .75
(Add Postage on these, 8c each.)
01103 Diamond, French Morocco, div. cir., red under gold, text only, 4-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 1/2………. 1.40 .98
01112 Persian Morocco, leather lined to edge, otherwise as 01103…………………………………….. 2.00 1.35
01157x Ruby, French Morocco, div. cir., leather lined, red under gold, text only, 5-5/8 x 3-7/8 x 9/16……….. 2.00 1.35
03029x Pearl, Alaska Seal, div. cir., leather lined silk sewed, red under gold, references, 5-1/8 x 3-7/8 x 5/8………. 3.25 2.15
03114x Ruby, Persian Levant, div. cir., leather lined, silk sewed, red under gold, references, 5-5/8 x 4 x 3/4………. 3.25 2.15
(Add Postage for these, 4c each.)
0612 Diamond, Persian Morocco, div. cir., leather lined, red under gold, text only, 3-3/4 x 2-1/2 x 7/8……….. 2.25 1.55
02002x Brilliant, Persian Morocco, div. cir., leather lined, red under gold, maps (smallest reference Bible made), 3-5/8 x 2-1/2 x 5/8………. 2.50 1.70


(Add Postage for these, 15c each.)
8635 Minion, French Morocco, div. cir., red under gold, references, maps, 7 x 4-3/4 x 5/8……… 1.75 1.13
8636 French Seal, leather lined, otherwise as 8635……………………… 3.00 1.94
9635 Brevier, large face, French Morocco, div. cir., red under gold, references, 7-1/8 x 5 x 1….. 2.75 1.94
9636 French Seal, silk sewn, leather lined, otherwise as 9635……………… 4.00 2.55
03265x Minion, Levant Morocco, div. cir., calf lined, silk sewed, red under gold (thinnest minion reference Bible), 6-7/8 x 4-3/4 x 5/8………. 4.25 2.85
03274x Minion, Alaska Seal, div. cir., leather lined, silk sewed, red under gold, references, index, concordance and maps 5-5/8 x 4 x 7/8…… 4.50 3.00
03554x Brevier, black face, Alaska Seal, div. cir., leather lined, red under gold, references, index, self-pronouncing, concordance and maps, 8-1/8 x 5-1/2 x 7/8……. 5.50 3.60
03581x Long Primer, black face, same as 03554x, 7-3/4 x 5-1/4 x 15/16……….. 6.00 4.00
0865-1/2xLong Primer, Levant, div. cir., calf lined, silk sewed, red under gold, teachers’ helps, arranged as cyclopedic concordance, 7-3/4 x 5-1/4 x 1-1/8…….. 8.00 5.20


2596xB Bold Face Brevier, Alaska Seal, calf lined to edge, with maps, Biblical Gazetteer and Concordance………. 5.75 2.40
2596xC Same type and binding as 2596x, without concordance………………………. 5.50 2.30


(Add Postage, 10c.)
040 Pearl, Cloth, red edges, 5-1/2 x 4-1/2……………. .40 .30
(Add Postage, 20c.)
0750 Bourgeois, Cloth, red edges, 8 x 5-5/8……………. 1.00 .75


(Add Postage on these, 25c each.)
3750 Brevier, Cloth, round cor., red edges, maps, 8 x 5-5/8……………… 1.00 .70
3752 Brevier, French Morocco, div. cir., red under gold, 8 x 5-5/8…………. 2.00 1.30


(Add Postage on these, 20c each.)
160 Bourgeois, Cloth, references…………………….. 1.00 .80
172 Bourgeois, Egyptian Seal, references, red under gold………….. 2.00 1.60
(Add Postage on these, 30c each.)
260 Long Primer, Cloth, references, 8-3/4 x 6-3/4……… 1.50 1.15
272 Long Primer, Egyptian Seal, references, red under gold, 8-3/4 x 6-3/4…………. 3.00 2.25

Weight Large Print

(Add Postage on these, 25c each.)
2002 Pica, Cloth, red edges, 9-1/4 x 6-1/2 x 1-1/4……… 2.00 .90
2014 Pica, French Seal, limp, size same as 2002………… 2.75 1.37
2022 Pica, French Seal, div. cir., size same as 2002…….. 3.50 1.75


(Add Postage on these, 11c each.)
216 Minion, French Morocco, limp, red under gold, 5-3/4 x 3-5/8………. 1.15 .82
215B Minion, French Morocco, references, div. cir., red under gold, 7-1/4 x 5-1/4 x 7/8……. 1.50 .85


(Add Postage on these, 3c each.)
2113 Nonpareil, French Morocco, limp, gold title, side and back, gold edges (vest-pocket edition), 4-3/8 x 2-7/8 x 1/2…… .36 .20
2113P Same as above, with Psalms………………………. .46 .26
2115 Same as 2113, with div. cir., and red under gold……….. .52 .29
2115P Same as 2115, with Psalms……………………….. .62 .34
013RL Same as 2113, with words of our Lord in red letters………. .60 .33
015RL Same as 013RL, with div. cir., red under gold………. .75 .40
2142X Nonpareil, French Seal, limp, grained leather lining, red under gold, gold roll (thin), 4-3/8 x 2-3/4 x 3/8……. .85 .42
2142PX Same as 2142X, with Psalms………………………. 1.00 .50
010 Diamond, Venetian Morocco, limp, gold edges, 3-3/4 x 2-1/4 x 1/4…….. .50 .35
014 Diamond, Arabian Morocco, div. cir., leather lined, red under gold, India paper, 3-3/4 x 2-1/4 x 1/4……. .90 .65
(Add Postage on these, 5c each.)
287 Brevier, Roan leather, flexible, gold edges, with Psalms, 6-1/4 x 4-1/2….. .42 .42


(Add Postage on these, 10c each.)
212 Small Pica, Roan, square cor., 5-3/4 x 8-1/4………. .45 .45
283 Same as above, with Psalms, 8-1/4 x 5-1/2 x 3/4……. .50 .50


0100 Brevier, Cloth, red edges, 16 mo., including postage, 23c.


(Postage, 7c.)
178 Agate type, cloth, red edges, 4 x 5-3/4………….. .17 .17
(Postage, 12c.)
131 Nonpareil type, cloth, red edges, 5-1/4 x 7-1/4…… .25 .25


First in this list we mention the several volumes of


—referring inquirers to the second page of each issue of this journal for prices, etc. We commend also, as aids, the following publications by other presses, which we supply at specially low prices because of the assistance they will lend to the study of God’s Word. We mention these somewhat in the order in which they seem to us to be desirable aids.


This very valuable work, published under the author’s copyright by Fowler & Wells Co., New York City, has been sold by them at $4 in cloth and $5 in half leather binding. For several years a friend, an earnest Bible student, desirous of assisting the readers of our Society’s publications, has supplied them through us at a greatly reduced price; now he has purchased the copyright and plates from the Fowler & Wells Co., and presented the same to our Society as a gift, under our assurance that the gift will be used for the furthering of the Truth to the extent of our ability, by such a reduction of price as will permit the poor of the Lord’s flock to have this help in the study of the Word.

REDUCED PRICES.—These will be sold with ZION’S WATCH TOWER only. In cloth binding $1.50 (6s. 3d.)—includes postage and one year’s subscription, new or renewal, to Z.W.T. On thin paper, in full morocco leather, divinity circuit, red under gold edges, silk sewed, leather lined, $2.50 (10s. 6d.)—includes postage and one year’s subscription to Z.W.T.


This is the ordinary Common Version in cloth binding. As footnotes it gives the reading of the three oldest Greek MSS., Sinaiticus, Vaticanus and Alexandrine, wherever these differ from the Common Version. This is a very valuable little work, published in Europe, which we specially import for the benefit of our readers. Price, 40c, including postage.


This, too, is a valuable work, and an aid in critical study. It is translated from the Syriac instead of from the Greek. It is claimed by some that it was the language in which our Lord and the apostles spoke and wrote, and that the Greek was translated from this. Our price, in half leather binding, postage included, $2.00.


This is the standard translation amongst English reading Hebrews, by one of their own rabbis. It is not perfect, but is a valuable aid in critical study of the Old Testament. Our special price, in leather binding, including postage, is $1.10.


In English, Hebrew and Greek, by Prof. Young (Presbyterian). A valuable work for all critical students. Price, in cloth binding, $5, including postage. We are not permitted by the publishers to cut this price; but may and do give postage free and give besides a premium of any four volumes of the MILLENNIAL DAWN series in cloth binding with each Concordance, or six volumes if purchaser pays the expressage.


In English, Hebrew and Greek, by Prof. Strong (Methodist). This is also an able work and useful in critical study. It has some advantages over Young’s; after getting used to it we prefer it. Special reduced prices,—in cloth binding, $3; half leather, $5. Carriage prepaid, 65c extra.


A valuable work, but scarcely necessary to those who have either one of the above mentioned. English only. Cloth binding, $1, postage included.


This is one of the most desirable editions of Prof. Smith’s work. It is a large volume of 1020 pages. In cloth binding, $1.30, including postage.


This is the best book of its kind we have ever seen. It presents the Bible stories in simple, but not childish language, and seems remarkably free from the bad theology so common in this class of books. All Christian parents should have a Sunday Bible lesson with their children, and this book furnishes interesting topics, to which may be added as much concordant “present truth” as the age of the children will justify. Parents are responsible for their children’s training in theology as well as morals. This will assist you in the discharge of this duty, and thus be a blessing to yourself as well as to your children.

624 pages, 250 illustrations; cloth sides, leather back and corners, gilt edges. A subscription book at $3. Our special price 75 cents, plus 25 cents postage.



This is a new publication of our own which we believe will be in great demand as soon as known. It is a text-book for each day in the year—and good year by year continuously.

But this is more than a text-book; it has an appropriate comment under each text selected from the columns of back issues of the WATCH TOWER.

The pages are of the same width as those of DAWN, but a little shorter. The paper, etc., are good and the cloth binding is neat and attractive; 190 pages, price 35c postpaid;—to WATCH TOWER subscribers at the wholesale rate, 20c each, postpaid, or in quantities, charges collect, 15c. Free to any WATCH TOWER subscriber too poor to pay for it, on request.

Leather edition, handsome and durable, $1, postpaid; wholesale rate to subscribers, 60c, postpaid, or in quantities, charges collect, 50c.

We hope that this little book will find a place at every breakfast table; and that spiritual refreshment may thus be enjoyed with the natural food, stimulating thankfulness to the Giver of all Good and thus inducing the peace of God and favoring both spiritual and natural health and well-being.


Calls for DAWNS divided into small portions, light, convenient for the pocket, that could be read on the cars, etc., led us to prepare an India-paper edition. The entire volume is on this very fine paper reduced to three-eighths of an inch in thickness and about four ounces in weight. The type is exactly the same size as in the regular editions. It is a beauty. Leather covers, gold edges. Its cost, with postage, is raised to 75c each for first three volumes and 85c each for the remainder per volume, at which price it is supplied to WATCH TOWER subscribers.

We regret inability to promise these definitely, as we are experiencing great trouble in securing the India paper. We hope to have the first three volumes by April, 1907, and the succeeding three about June.


Specimen Lines of Various Sizes of Type Referred to on Reverse Page:

This line is Brilliant type. This line is Diamond type.

This line is Pearl type. This line is Ruby type.

This line is Nonpareil type. This line is Emerald Minion.

This line is Emerald type.

This line is Minion type.

This line is Brevier type.

This line is Bourgeois type.

This line is Long Primer type.

This line is Small Pica type.


[The plan here proposed we designate “GOOD HOPES,” because nothing is actually promised—only your generous hopes expressed, based upon your future prospects as they now appear to you. The plan proved not only so beneficial to the cause of truth, but also so blessed to the hopers, for some years past, that we again commend it to all as Scriptural and good. Those who desire to make use of this plan can fill out both of these memoranda. One should be kept for the refreshment of your memory; the other mail to us.]

To the

Dear Friends:—I have read with interest of the openings for the Dawn and Tract work in foreign lands and here at home. I need not tell you that I am deeply interested in the spread of the Glad Tidings of the lengths and breadths, the heights and depths of redeeming love expressed for us in God’s great Plan of the Ages.

I am anxious to use myself—every power, every talent, voice, time, money, influence, all—to give to others this knowledge, which has so greatly blessed, cheered and comforted my own heart and placed my feet firmly upon the Rock of Ages.

I have been considering carefully, and praying to be instructed, how to use my various talents more to my Redeemer’s glory and for the service of his people—those blinded by human tradition who are, nevertheless, hungering for “the good Word of God,” and those also who are naked, not having on the wedding garment of Christ’s imputed righteousness, the unjustified, who stand at best in the filthy rags of their own righteousness. I have decided that so far as my “money talent” goes, I will follow the rule so clearly laid down for us by the great Apostle Paul (1 Cor. 16:2), and will lay aside on the first day of each week, according to my thankful appreciation of the Lord’s blessings during the preceding week. Out of this fund I wish to contribute to the several parts of the Lord’s work specified on the back of this letter. Of course, I cannot in advance judge or state particularly what the Lord’s bounty may enable me to set apart weekly, and hence you will understand the sum indicated to be merely my conjecture or hope, based upon present prospects. I will endeavor to contribute more than I here specify; and should I not succeed in doing as well, the Lord will know my heart, and you, also, will know of my endeavors.

My only object in specifying in advance what I hope to be able to do in this cause is to enable those in charge of the work of publishing and circulating the Tracts, etc., to form estimates, lay plans, make contracts, etc., with some idea of what I will at least try to do in the exercise of this my highly appreciated privilege.

My present judgment is that during the coming year, by self-denial and cross-bearing, I shall be able to lay aside on the first day of each week for Home and Foreign Mission Work (to assist in circulating Millennial Dawn in foreign languages, and in publishing the “Old Theology Tracts” in various languages, and in supplying these gratuitously to brethren who have the heart and opportunity to circulate them widely, and in meeting the expenses of brethren sent out as “Pilgrims” to preach the divine plan of salvation, and in general to be expended as the officers of the Society may deem best), the amount of…………….per week.

To comply with United States Postal Laws, all or any portion of my donation may be applied as subscription price for Watch Tower or O.T. Tracts sent to the Lord’s poor or others, as the Society’s officers may deem advisable.

That the work be not hindered, I will endeavor to send you what I shall have laid aside for this cause at the close of each quarter. I will secure a Bank Draft, Express Order or Postal Money Order as I may find most convenient, and will address the letter to

“Bible House,” Allegheny, Pa.

or, 24 Eversholt St., London, N.W., England; or, Equitable Building, Collins St., Melbourne, Australia.


(Post Office)…………………(State)…………………..



The friends who contribute to the “Good Hopes” (described on the reverse of this sheet) at times desire to send the Watch Tower to friends who are not yet interested enough to subscribe for themselves; or to deeply interested friends who are too poor to subscribe and backward about accepting our Lord’s Poor offer. They are invited to give us such addresses below—the expense to be deducted from their donations. Give full addresses, and write very plainly please, mentioning the length of the subscriptions.




For several years we have been supplying our readers with handsome text and motto cards for the walls of their homes. Their influence is excellent; for they continually and cheerfully catch the eye and remind the heart of our great favors present and to come, based upon the exceeding great and precious promises of our Father’s Word. We commend these as helps in the “narrow way,”—helps in character-building.

We have laid in a large supply of very choice mottoes this year and expect to be able to fill all orders promptly. Late orders last year we were unable to supply.

We have for your convenience put these up in four assortments at $1.00 per package, including postage. We also have a 50c assortment of the smaller sized mottoes. If you get any of these you will be pleased; but if you have already had some, mention when and how many, that we may send you different ones now.


These are published quarterly, copies being sent to all subscribers. Other copies, for distribution among friends, from house to house, for enclosure in letters, and in general for use in such ways as seem judicious, are supplied freely, the expense entailed by the great demand for them being borne by the Tract Fund of voluntary contributions. Write for the tracts as you feel able to use them, even if not so well able to contribute toward the expense; some who are not able, and do contribute, do not have opportunities personally to use all that their contributions pay for, so that the matter is equalized and all may have a part in this service of disseminating the truth.


We are convinced that the Watch Tower lists do not contain the names of one-half of those deeply interested in its teachings. The total is small enough surely, and we are not content that the name of any should be missing. We believe that all such will be stimulated and encouraged on the “narrow way” by its semi-monthly appearance on their table, reminding them afresh of spiritual matters which the world, the flesh and the devil continually tend to crowd out of mind and heart.

Hitherto we have required that all desiring the Watch Tower on credit, or free, as “the Lord’s Poor,” should make personal application; but now we request every subscriber to inquire among those whom he knows to be interested in present truth, and to obtain the consent of all such to send in their subscriptions either on credit or free, as their circumstances may necessitate. Any getting it on credit may at any future time request that the debt be cancelled, and we will cheerfully comply. We desire that as nearly as possible the Watch Tower lists shall represent all those deeply interested in its message.

Our object is not the gain of “filthy lucre,” but “the perfecting of the saints for the work of ministry”—present and to come. (Eph. 4:12.) We offer no premiums, desiring the co-operation of such only as appreciate the privilege of being co-workers with us in this ministry. Our list is now about 22,000; but it should be at least 30,000, and we confidently expect the above program to bring it to that figure. Let as many as appreciate it as a privilege, join at once in this service.


Most of our subscriptions end with the year, so we take this opportunity to remark that we will be glad to hear promptly from such as desire the visits of the Watch Tower continued. This applies to all who get it on the Lord’s Poor list as well as to those who pay. When names are dropped and afterward renewed it makes us unnecessary trouble.


— December 1, 1906 —