R3856-294 Poem: The 1906 Conventions

::R3856 : page 294::


Behold how they gather from East and from West,
From North and from South they come;
No visible emblems nor banners are theirs,
Nor loud rolling beat of the drum.
But with faces alight with the hope which is theirs,
With the love which sustains, and the promise which cheers,
They herald the kingdom to come.

Unknown to the world, as their “Head” was unknown,
And willingly sharing his cross;
Believing the kingdom long-promised is near,
Are parting from all earthly dross.
The “sun” fast arising now gladdens their eyes,
And just within reach seems the rich cherished prize,
For which they count all else but loss.

Yes, here they assemble, these uncrowned kings,
On the Master’s business intent;
All humbly and meekly pursuing their way,
In his service willingly spent.
And the world knoweth not, as they knew not of Him,
What honors are theirs who are serving their King,
And full on his mission are bent.

And who shall say that they met there alone?
For were there not forms more fair,
Of those who have heard their Master’s “Well done!”
Rejoicing with him “in the air”?
Invisible yet, our dim eyes can not see;
Still, hovering o’er us their presence may be,
And we shall soon be with them there.

Full soon shall that Greatest Convention be held,
The faithful ones all to be there;
Our Master presiding in glorious garb,
And we in his glory to share
There highly exalted to sit in his throne,
To lift up the billions down-trodden so long.
“Oh, what must it be to be there.” A. J. M.


— September 15, 1906 —