R3793-182 Poem: All Things Work For Good

::R3793 : page 182::


—ROMANS 8:28—

If our Father’s gracious promise Was more clearly understood, That his daily dealing with us Works together for our good;

How the burdens that are pressing Hard upon us would grow light, And each trial prove a blessing Were our trust in him complete.

If our hearts were always lightsome, And we knew no anxious care, We might overlook the sorrow That surrounds us everywhere.

If our stores were overflowing, Then, perhaps, we never would Learn to sympathize with others Who are lacking daily food.

Knowing he is always “for us” We, as children of his grace, Can afford to bear with patience “Trusting where we cannot trace.”

He will surely guard the issue Of each test, though it may seem Hard to bear; its object always Is to draw us close to him.

So whatever may befall us We who love him always should Know the Lord is overruling All that happens us, for good.–John LaDow.


— June 15, 1906 —