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Every day, and day by day, we have increasing reason for rejoicing that by God’s abounding grace we—even we—are in the Light. In reading over “Encouraging Words From Faithful Workers,” I am forcibly struck with what seems to be a common source of wonder, to wit: That this astonishing favor is bestowed upon me—”even me!” It is well that we realize our personal unworthiness, but how often, oh, how often, do I have to hold up before the Adversary, when he would overwhelm me with this thought with respect to myself, the assurance of our great Apostle in his first Epistle to the Corinthians, 1st chapter, 26-29 verses.

It would require many pages on which to jot down the particular items of advantage which those who are in the light of Present Truth possess in reading God’s Word. Let me refer to one—the understanding of terms, or perhaps ’twere better to say expressions used by the inspired writers. How often we find the expression “That Day;” “In that Day;” and in former times we remember how vague and undefined was our understanding of the “Day” referred to. But now we know its full meaning and we know that we have at last really entered that heretofore mystic period; we are now living—actually living in “That Day,” the “great and notable day of the Lord.” A day of rejoicing to the Church; of sorrow and anguish to the careless and indifferent world. How more and more we realize the blessedness of those who hunger for Truth. It was the eagle eye and appetite (See Vol. VI., p.610) that led us to the feast, and it is that that enables us to instantly detect the “tid bits” which are here and there dropped for our sustenance along the “solitary way.”—Psa. 107:4.

For the edification of all who have been firmly placed upon the rock of God’s eternal Truth, through the MILLENNIAL DAWNS, by a clear understanding of His Wonderful Plan of the Ages, I refer to one morsel at which I almost held my breath when I noted it, because I could almost fancy I could hear the voice of our Lord quickly whispering the message to me. Without doubt it is slipped in parenthetically, like some verses in Daniel’s prophecy, meant not for the careless or indifferent reader, who really would not understand it, but for the eye which God knew would detect

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it, appreciate it and pass it around. I refer to Proverbs 22:17-21. All the chapter up to the 17th verse is proverbs pure and simple, and from the 21st to close of chapter the same; but in these verses there is not the sign of a proverb.

In joy, love and consecration, I am,

Your brother, EMORY A. SADDLER,—O.



Kindly mail to above address a sample copy of ZION’S WATCH TOWER, and a list of the MILLENNIAL DAWN publications. I have one copy, “The Divine Plan of the Ages,” which came to my hand accidentally, to all appearances, but I shall always look upon it as being sent to me from God. I was wandering in a sea of doubt—feeling that I MUST have something more to satisfy me than I heard in the sermons from Sabbath to Sabbath. The book was in my home for some time before I paid any attention to it beyond merely glancing in it and deciding it was not interesting. My brother, the Rev. W__________., B.A., B.D. (at present in Yale University—recent winner of a scholarship and elected Fellow of Yale College for the year), picked up the book, and after glancing at it asked where I got it. I said my husband bought it from a traveling agent. “Well,” he remarked, “I wouldn’t advise you to read it.” This aroused my curiosity and I decided to read it at once—which I did. I have since read it many, many times finding new beauties, and fresh comfort in every reading. My brother is an advanced theologian, and would no doubt think I was a mild lunatic if he knew how thoroughly I agree with the views taken by Mr. Russell.

Yours sincerely, __________, Canada.



I have no doubt but that a report of the following experience will interest you. I have come to this city to attend the N.O.A. meeting, and came in advance to build up a clinic. In order to accomplish this I sent a letter to all the ministers of the city, inviting them to send any member of their congregation who might wish to have the advantages of this treatment, as no charges were made for it.

I received an invitation to attend the meeting of the ministers’ alliance. There were present seven ministers. Three of them were amongst the best-known and most prominent of the city. We were invited into the study, where a large center table had been placed in the middle of the room, and the ministers all were invited to sit around the table. I took a seat back in one corner.

In addition to the ministers three women were present. They were invited in, and one of them seated at the head of the table. When all were seated the rector of the church made a speech, the gist of which was that the Christian Scientists were proselyting from the various churches all over this country, especially in Denver, and in order to combat this influence the time had come when the ministry were compelled to do something in self-defense. And the most rational thing for them to do, in his opinion, was to investigate these things and accept that which could be supported by demonstrated facts. Personally, he thought the healing appealed to the people, and every minister of the Gospel should be able to do this. He wound up by saying that the woman at the head of the table was a graduate from Mrs. Eddy’s school and was there prepared to give them facts. The “facts” (?) were a few extracts from Mrs. Eddy’s teachings showing upon what her methods or “science” (?) were based. These were interspersed with something from Hudson, on mental suggestion. Afterward the ministers present were called upon to give an expression of their views and their opinion as to the advisability of starting a class under this woman as instructor. They were all in favor of it. There was one stranger present besides myself, with a MS. of a book written to show that all these occult methods of healing belong properly within the churches. During his remarks he made the statement that all these various methods of healing were opposed to Christ and denied the atonement.

Before closing they asked me as a physician to make some remarks. I told them I realized that there was considerable efficacy in mental suggestion, but had always avoided such things because they were used of the Adversary and invariably led men into spiritualism and away from Christ. That as ministers of the Gospel, I could not see how they could justify their action in becoming interested in bringing into the Church anything which one of the members had stated, and all felt, denied the atonement sacrifice of our Lord; and that as a follower of our Lord I wanted nothing to do with it.

As soon as I sat down one of the most prominent ministers of the gathering arose and said he was heartily in favor of what I had said; that it was true that these things were opposed to Christ. Consequently the only safe thing to do was to keep the two separate, or not to confound their religion with their method of healing, as they were separate and distinct anyway, but by all means they must do something to save their flocks! So the class was started.

Thus the Devil is using Christian Science to whip the ministry into line, to a finish.

Praying the Lord’s blessing to continue with you, I am,

Your loving brother in Christ,
__________, Colo.



These Monday issues of the Dispatch are certainly accomplishing a good work. I know of at least two who were formerly very much opposed to the Truth and the TOWER publications, to whom I have regularly sent the Dispatch, and who are now reading the fourth Vol. of DAWN, having read I., II. and III. already and are now inquiring along the line of Truth, and are no longer bitter toward it, and acknowledge the reasonableness of many of the presentations and the scripturalness of many others. If persons continue to read them, we have a ground for hope, and I have noticed that occasionally such ones, all unconsciously to themselves, come to accept portions of the Truth; therefore we will, with the dear Lord’s assistance, continue to send out the “glad tidings,” hoping and praying that it may find all those who have “ears to hear.”

I desire to do all I can to assist in this work, because I believe it is all being accomplished under the direction of the great Chief Reaper, and the time in which we may do this harvesting work will very soon be past—the summer will be ended.

It is a great privilege—co-operating with those already beyond the vail, in the harvest work. May the dear Lord bless his own work, and all those earnest loyal ones, everywhere, who are trying thus to assist, is my prayer. Sincerely,

Your Brother in his Service,



Am led to write you to say that last winter some one left a tract at our door entitled, “Christ’s Death Secured One Probation, or Trial for Life Everlasting to Every Man.” After reading it, we decided that it was the Word of God. We then sent to the WATCH TOWER for more and they sent us a good supply, which was a great feast of truth to us. Then we subscribed for the WATCH TOWER and a little later on for the Plan of the Ages.

We have been separated from all Creeds and Sects for a good many years, and being willing sacrifices unto God until death, we are striving daily to become more and more conformed to the Image of our Living Head, and whereunto we have attained we stand fast. Looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the Great God, and our Savior Jesus Christ,

Your brother in Christ,


— October 15, 1905 —