R3642-300 Poem: In The Wilderness

::R3642 : page 300::


Be still, and murmur not, poor heart,
When God shall lead thee to “a desert place,”
And bid thee dwell apart.
If ravens in the wilderness
Did feed the servant of the Lord, will He
For thee, His child, do less?

Nor fear, sad heart, its loneliness,—
Hath He not said, “I never will forsake
Nor leave thee comfortless!”
Have faith, thy Master may design
To fit thee thus for Kingdom work and bliss,—
And wilt thou then repine?

Be patient, let His will be done;
Be calm, be strong, that He may finish there
The work He hath begun.
“A little while,” He soon will come,
And say to thee, “It is enough, my child,
My faithful one, come home!” G. W. S.


— October 1, 1905 —