R3621-263 Poem: Beyond The Shadows

::R3621 : page 263::


Further on—beyond the shadows
Falling darkly o’er my way,
There is home, and rest and shelter,
Where no storms can e’er dismay.

Though the way be rough and narrow,
And a cross must needs be borne,
Further on—the night is waning
Soon will dawn the welcome morn.

Meekly to His will submitting,
In His love secure and strong,
Jesus whispers, “Bide the shadows,
It is better further on.”

Further on—O blest assurance!
How it thrills my raptured heart,
Just to know that I shall see Him
When the shadows all depart.

Let me still be strong and patient,
Trusting where I cannot trace,
Further on—beyond all darkness
Faith can see God’s smiling face.

Only waiting, ever praying,
Let my heart be filled with song.
Sweet the promise Jesus gives me,
“It is better further on.”



— September 1, 1905 —