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For some time I have intended writing you with respect to my recent experiences in re-reading DAWN. It has been my custom for several years past to devote my private study more especially to the TOWERS, but during this year I have been studying DAWN more closely and I can assure you I have been much surprised and chagrined, as well as edified by my reading. Although I have read Vol. I. probably six times, Vols. V. and VI. at least four times, yet I have been mortified to see how much I had forgotten. In fact many passages seemed entirely new, as though I had never seen them before. I fully realized the force of the Apostle’s remarks about this “earthen vessel,” and how “we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip,” or as the margin puts it, “run out as leaking vessels.”—Heb. 2:1.

And that I am not alone in this experience of having let some of these things “slip,” I was convinced by an incident which occurred in one of our congregations not long ago. A brother had preached a funeral sermon, and at the close of the service a sister came to him and said, “I wish my husband could have heard your remarks, they were fine.” Several others made similar remarks, and were much surprised when the brother told them he had done “little more than read the few thoughts given by Bro. R. in Vol. VI.”

My experience has led me to the determination that, by the Lord’s grace, I will make it the rule of my life to read as many of the DAWNS every year as possible, more especially Vol. I., so that every detail of the “Divine Plan of the Ages” may be made more and more clear to my mind year by year, and kept so.

Praying the Lord’s continued blessing upon your efforts to serve him and his people, I remain with Christian regards,

Yours in the love and service of the King,

G. W. S.—Pa.



I feel so thankful for the question lessons which we received in last number of TOWER that I thought I must write and tell you of it.

As our little company have chosen me for leader for several terms it seemed as though it was hard for me to work out a lesson where all could take active part, and, as you said in TOWER, either I did not have the time or the talent to do so, but now as these splendid questions came I quickly passed them around, and you do not know how glad I was yesterday when we had our meeting. Nearly everybody took such interest and had studied their questions so well that we had a most interesting and blessed hour of study and seemed to enjoy it so much.

I also want to express my thanks and appreciation of the little “Heavenly Manna” book. We consider it so helpful in keeping our thoughts more on spiritual things and feel so much more enabled to avoid things displeasing to our Father.

Although our secretary had already sent in report of our meetings while our dear Brother McPhail was here last I feel that I must tell you that it was one of the grandest feasts I ever enjoyed and I know that that was the sentiment of all present. How we always look forward to the good times when a Pilgrim comes our way and how thankful we feel that we may have such dear Brethren so able to present everything clearly and harmoniously. Wishing you and all the dear co-workers in the TOWER Office the Father’s richest blessing,

I remain, your brother in our Dear Redeemer,




A little more than a year ago I was very nearly an infidel. I was brought up by strictly religious parents, and when 16 or 18 years of age, I was the teacher of a Bible Class in a Sunday School in Michigan. The more I studied the Bible under the light in which I was supposed to teach it, the more perplexed I became, until at last I was nearly ready to say that the Bible was a farce. A year ago I got hold of a book which explained some points in the Bible so clearly that it set me to thinking that perhaps that some man of reason that was not bound down by his little 2×4 church might explain the whole thing in a rational manner. Six months ago a cousin came here on a visit from Ohio. When the station agent gave him several of your publications, and he gave them to me, I became very much interested in them, for I at once saw that the explanation was on the lines of reason, not put up for fame or money. I wrote to ask you to send me the WATCH TOWER, which you kindly did. You also sent me some tracts which I read, and then gave out where I thought they would do the most good.

As soon as I read the WATCH TOWER I send it to some one that I think will read it. Through your instrumentality I am a believer and will try to let my light shine, so that others will see that there is a reality in the Bible,

Wishing you much success, I remain yours truly,

H. B. TALBERT—Texas.

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I thought I would write you a few lines to tell you how I came to the knowledge of the Truth. I was born and brought up in the Catholic faith in Syria. At the age of eight I was brought to this country and sent to a Catholic school and Church. Being religiously inclined I wandered off into different denominations and sects, Episcopal, Baptist, Spiritualism, Seventh Day Adventism, etc.

At last (about a year ago) I became disgusted with everything and didn’t go to any church. At that time I was working in a bakery. In delivering an order I found, in a pile of old paper and rubbish, the first three volumes of DAWN. I read the DAWNS and became deeply interested. Then another day, as I was taking a short walk, I picked up a circular advertising a course of lectures to be delivered in a certain hall. I attended, and to my surprise, I found out that the people there were all readers of MILLENNIAL DAWN, like myself, and just as deeply interested.

So you see, I have been led all the way. Five thousand miles across the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, tossed about and seasick, and then across Babylon, tossed about and almost drowned, but rescued by the Lord, through MILLENNIAL DAWN.

I have been doing colporteur service for the last two months, and would like to continue the work. I have sold 170 volumes and have 75 orders unfilled at the present time. I am now 18 years of age. I think I will do better work hereafter.

May the Lord bless you and all the brethren in Allegheny. I remain, Yours in the Blessed Hope,




I have just read one of your periodicals called “The Divine Plan of the Ages.” I consider it fine. I was an orthodox minister for 18 years. The subjects you treat on were always stumbling blocks to me, the fall of Adam especially; the billion of dead in their graves; why they should all be forever lost. It is as plain now to me as the nose on my face. I want you to send me “What say the Scriptures about Hell?” I never preached a sermon on Hell in all the 18 years I did preach. I could never make myself believe that a good God would punish the vast majority of mortals endlessly. I am now a recluse.

I lately wrote an article for one of our city papers, why I did not attend churches. I told the people I could no longer subscribe to the creeds formulated in the 16th century. I told them some of the best men I ever met, while I was a preacher, didn’t belong to any church. So some one who believes in MILLENNIAL DAWN sent me the periodical I mentioned. It is the finest thing I ever read, and it is God’s truth too.

Yours faithfully, __________, Ohio.


— August 15, 1905 —