R3357-126 Poem: “To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice”

::R3357 : page 126::


Obedience to the Lord our God
Is what he doth require;
He looketh not for sacrifice
Without his Spirit’s power.

The light of Truth that shines from God
And shows to us his way,
Reveals the path wherein to walk
While in this house of clay.

If God’s great plan in vision speaks,
As prophets said it would,
Oh, may we heed its welcome voice
And be among “the good.”

Pray, do not compromise the Truth;
Oh, sell it not, my friend:
Obedience doth our God require
Until our course shall end.

If faithful to our trust on earth
And hold “the faith” once given,
Then will our Master say, “Well done!
Come thou, and enter heaven.”

James Hay.


— April 15, 1904 —