R3271-416 Motto Cards For Home Embellishment

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When in London Brother Russell selected some very desirable motto cards; but the astonishing increase in every department of the office work has hindered us from attending to these. Even now we cannot fill orders for particular mottoes nor attempt a description of their styles, prices, texts, etc. They are of every variety and price and size;—all beautiful, all faith-inspiring, all helpful. Even after paying 35 per cent. duty these are cheap. We can supply them at one-half the usual prices or less.

For convenience we put them up in assorted $1 and $2 packets,—postage included. Some of the old desirable styles we have duplicated, as they could not be better; and some are strictly new. We assort them in the packets; but for the sake of some who may have gotten several lots of the old and now want none but the new we have prepared packets of the new only. Such as desire the new should so stipulate when ordering; but the average person will be as well or better pleased to get the ordinary assortment.


— November 1, 1903 —