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Dear Brother:—

I did not know there were such publications as Millennial Dawn and Zion’s Watch Tower until this year. And how forcibly they have brought the message to me, “Go work in his vineyard!” for indeed the harvesters are few. I feel that I could sacrifice all for the Master. But oh, I feel my insufficiency when I ask myself what can I do? I have an ardent desire and longing to work for the Master in an acceptable way, and ask the Father many times with streaming eyes to open the eyes of my understanding and let me know the truth of his divine plan. We have been so blinded by error and misconception of the Truth. I have been a member of the “Church of Christ” since early girlhood, but I am sorry to say that until the last five or six years I belonged to that large body who call themselves Christians and do not know God. Since that time I have been earnestly seeking for more light and it seems that your glorious works have been an answer to that prayer. I accidently (?) ran across three numbers of Zion’s Watch Tower and the first three volumes of the Dawn. They have thrown a wonderful light on passages in the divine Word which were either neglected, or dark to me before.

Oh, Brother Russell, the wealth of earth could not buy from me the knowledge I now possess of the Father’s glorious plan! With a grateful and earnest heart I thank God for the store house of knowledge you have opened to my understanding. It seems that you have given me the key. May many other souls awake and be brought to the knowledge of the glorious coming kingdom and realize what it is to suffer with Christ if we would reign with him! I am eager and anxious to work for the Master, but how, in the way to do the most good? The Church would be glad to have me work, at fairs, suppers and entertainments, but I cannot do that and call it for the Master. What are the qualifications necessary for the colporteur work? I think possibly I might work there. Explain this matter to me fully, for I am anxious to help with this grand work. Remember me in my weakness at the throne of grace. I am sincerely your sister,

Mrs. V. Roughton.

[Colporteur work explained by letter. Ed.]

My Dear Brother Russell:—

I think I have a somewhat peculiar request to make of you. I know how busy you are, but your past kindness makes me bold to come to you. As the Dawns have been published we have received and read them greedily,—often reading them in whole or in part several times: and we have most surely appreciated them. Our hearts have been filled with love and praise to our Father for permitting us to see the glories of his plan, the mysteries of his blessed Word. We have loaned and given away books, tracts and Towers more than we could possibly tell, hoping that some hungry soul might find a feast. We tried to be zealous and faithful, but realize that we have made more failures than anything else. The Father has been so good to us. We were permitted to attend the St. Louis Convention and that was the beginning of better days to us.

I am now about half way through a re-reading of Vol. III. Dawn. I did not realize that I was neglecting the Dawns, but I now know that I was. I have had such a feast, I cannot express it. I can only praise our Lord for stirring me up to the re-reading.

You see that all these years I have been reading the Towers and the Bible and now as I re-read the Dawns I understand them so much better. Besides, at first I was not capable of grasping so much, all at once. If I knew the right words to say that would cause all Watch Tower readers to re-read their Dawns, I would write a letter for publication in the Tower and I would plead with them as they value the truth and their “high calling” not to neglect this privilege. I would not call it a duty, for it is above a duty, it is a privilege. So now, Brother Russell, that is what I want you to do, for you will know the right things to say. May the Lord give you the things he sees you need to make you perfect in his sight. We thank you for all your kindness to us.

Mrs. S. B. Strate.


I have read the three volumes of Millennial Dawn with much interest, pleasure, and profit, and am therefore anxious to know if any more volumes have been published since Vol. III., as intimated in its pages.

[Five volumes are now out, and two more are purposed. Ed.]

I should very much like to express to the author, the great spiritual blessing I have received from a study of these three books, fully believing that God has put them into my hands. I had been looking for light on these things for some time, and before hearing of these volumes I had already made some of their opinions my own. Hoping that God’s blessing may still rest on your labours, believe me, Yours gratefully,

Dear Mr. Russell:—

I received a copy of “Tabernacle Shadows” enclosed with a parcel of tracts. I am not able to express how much it was appreciated by me, and what a help it was to a fuller understanding of God’s Word. Some parts I wept over, in particular, the verses “My Sacrifice,” and about the scapegoat. I felt, indeed, the scapegoat more nearly represented me, but I am very desirous to be of “the Lord’s goat,’ and to be an “overcomer” by his grace. Sometimes I have a strong hope that I may be “accounted worthy,” which gives me such joy that I can then triumph over every adverse circumstance, but sometimes I am discouraged by the difficulties of the way. But I thank the Lord for his loving favor in allowing me to know these things, and trusting in his merit, “I press toward the mark.”

The Watch Towers are my greatest help. I find them more so as time goes on, and the way seems more narrow. I have received several helpful messages enclosed with tracts from the London Branch, which are much enjoyed. I am still distributing tracts on Sunday afternoons when able, but cannot say much about results. I must leave them with the Lord. Several Christian people have appreciated them and wanted more, but many have been distributed at a distance, so that I do not see the people for a long while. But I feel that it is for my good not to see great results. His word will not return void but will accomplish that for which it is sent, so I can leave it with him. With love in the Lord to all at Bible House, with much gratitude I remain, yours in our Lord Jesus,


— January 15, 1902 —