R2945-23 Poem: The Great Jehovah’s Plan

::R2945 : page 23::


I am so small, and thou so great;
So weak, and thou so strong;
Yet from my heart there flows to thee
A true and loving song.
Thou art Jehovah, God!
And hast in thy control
The empire of the universe,
Where suns and systems roll
In wide expanse of trackless space,
Yet held in place by thee;
Each sphere into its orbit set,
Through vast immensity.

Of dust am I, and to earth’s dust
I’ll molder and decay;
This living frame and pulsing heart
Will soon have passed away;
But is it all of life to live,
Or all of death to die?
Thy Word proclaims a ransom found,
On whom we can rely.

Thou art the mighty King,
Thy name, the Holy One,
But unto thee a living way
Was opened by thy Son.
He is our righteousness;
Through him comes peace with thee;
And in his name we favor seek,
And are from sin set free.

He tasted death for every man;
He dieth once—no more;
And by his sacrifice secured
Man’s rights he will restore.
“Death” was the penalty of sin,
But Love o’er Death hath won;
For the gift of God is life supreme,
Eternal, through his Son.

He died for all of human kind;
He rose that they might live;
And, as God’s Word is ever true,
This greater life he’ll give!
In sheol, hades, hell,
In earth, or oceans’ deep,
His voice and power will soon be felt,
To wake from death’s long sleep.

The one true church, the “little flock,”
The Holy Spirit sought,
As kings and “royal priests” of God,
Are to the Father brought.
“First fruits” are they of those who slept:
Joint-heirs with Christ, their Lord,
When he, who is their life, appears,
He’ll bring them their reward.
Made like the One they serve and love,
His nature to them given;
His power, glory, honors share;
Their home, with him, in heaven.

As “Abraham’s seed,” they’ll bless the earth
And rule with loving sway;
Instruct and teach the way to life
Is to God’s laws obey.
But they who will not hear this Priest—
Christ and the Church—his wife,
Will be cut off by second death,
Destroyed from hope of life.
But they “who will” need never die,
And glories, yet unknown,
Are kept reserved in store for those
Who loyal love have shown.
Thus up the scale to perfect life,
In “highway” wide and broad,
The ransomed race can seek and find
Full harmony with God.

A race redeemed, an earth new made,
Riches and wealth untold;
A world where righteousness will dwell
And man his God behold!
Where pain and sickness, grief and death
Are memories of the past;
Where loving faithfulness to God
Forever more will last,
With curse removed, the blight of sin
Entirely swept away,
And man God’s image evermore
Abides in perfect day.

::R2946 : page 23::

This is thy finished work,
Thy own most glorious plan;
And this the wondrous love thou’st shown
Toward sinful, fallen man.
Oh, Israel’s God! How great art thou!
What wisdom, love and grace
The eye of faith will always find
When we thy dealings trace!—Mrs. Jennie M. Stratton


— January 15, 1902 —