R2912-365 The Wide-Margin Linear Bible

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THE ARRANGEMENT of the Tower and Dawn references, for the margins of these Bibles, has proven to be much more of a task than was at first anticipated. The work is progressing, though slowly, and none must expect the Bibles before February, 1902—though we will do our very best to have them a month earlier.

In one way the delay has been to the advantage of some of our readers: had we met with no obstacles the edition would have been far too small. We first thought of 1,000 copies—then concluded to risk 2,000; but the orders have rolled in on us until now they exceed 3,000. We felt sure the Bible would be what every Watch Tower student would need; but were not sure to what extent all would appreciate our efforts and trust our judgment. The evidences are gratifying to us, as we are sure the books will be appreciated by you, and profitable to you in Bible study, when you have received them and learned to use them.

We had fixed October 1, as the limit of the time during which we would receive advance orders at the prices already mentioned—$2.00 for “French Seal” (sheep) binding, and $3.00 for the “Persian Morocco” (tougher leather) binding; however, we have concluded to allow all who will to place their orders at the same prices up to November 15, next. We will, meantime, order some more than we expect orders for; but as there will be some financial risk in so doing, the tardy must pay for this, and the prices will then be $1.00 additional on each kind.—Still, however, they will be the cheapest Bibles in the world,—worth double. On the other hand, the coming orders may again be more than we expect, and the tardy may get none,—for the orders must be filled in rotation as received.

We regret that we cannot encourage our British readers to hope for these Bibles. The “Oxford Press Co.,” of England, has notified us that they will not allow the book on British soil, as they hold exclusive copyright privileges for Great Britain and Ireland on

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the “Revised Version,” which constitutes a feature of the Linear edition. We have written them explaining this edition, and offering a royalty, and will get them to our British friends, if possible. They may send in their orders to our British Branch (prices, 9s. and 13s.); we will include these in our orders anyway.

Money may be remitted later—anytime before January 1st, 1902. Books not paid for by then will be granted to others, if the supply be short.


— November 15, 1901 —