R2899-342 Poem: Are You Watching?

::R2899 : page 342::


Are you watching for the “presence”
Of the Reaper of the field?
Knowest thou what “signs” proclaim Him
Tho’ at present He’s concealed?
Dost thou watch with straining vision
For the dawning of the day?
Can’st thou hear the legions tramping
On Emmanuel’s highway?

Art thou faint with weary vigils,
Looking for thy coming Lord?
Have thine eyes grown dim with weeping,
Sick at heart with hope deferred?
Sore discouraged at the prospect
Of the field so full of tares,
And the Prince of Evil working
To encompass us with snares?

Sad indeed it seems, my brother,
When we view from earthly height;
For we fail to see the sunshine
That disperses present night.
Climb the peak, O, weary pilgrim,
Of our God’s eternal truth,
And from thence behold the landscape!
Then shalt thou renew thy youth.

We’ll not think God’s arm is shortened
When upon that height we stand;
For His purposes are rip’ning,
And His own shall rule the land.
Tho the night precedes the morning,
Yet at last shall rise the Sun;
And the shadows quickly vanished,
Shall proclaim the morn has come.

Know his “presence” then, O pilgrim!
“In like manner” hath He come.
Reapers, now the sickle wielding,
Soon shall sing the “Harvest Home.”
Tares are burning. Wheat is gath’ring,
Soon shall all be gathered in.
Welcome ye the “Lord of Harvest,”
Who shall triumph over sin.
A. J. Morris, M.D.


— November 1, 1901 —