R2828-191 Bible Markings Commended

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THOSE interested in Bible study appreciate everything which tends to give them a firmer hold upon the sword of the spirit, the Word of God. Such frequently wish that they could quickly find the particular passages desired; and many have been the devices for marginal marking designed to assist in this matter. We have a plan to suggest, as follows:—

USE RED INK for marking all passages which relate to the redemptive work, letting the figure 1 represent the thought of man’s need of redemption, or of divine promises thereof. Use figure 2 to represent references to Christ’s work in our redemption, as our sin-offering, etc. Use figure 3 to represent references to redemption as an accomplished fact—”ye were redeemed.”

USE PURPLE INK for marking all passages relating to the Church as the “Royal Priesthood.” Let figure 1 represent present sacrifices and joys of faith in coming glory; let figure 2 represent parables and promises of the Kingdom; figure 3, future glories and service in the Kingdom.

USE BLUE INK for marking exhortations of the Church to faithfulness, using figure 1 for references to graces of the spirit, and figure 2 for zeal in running the race set before us, figure 3 for reproofs and the “great company.”

USE GREEN INK for representing Millennial blessings. Let figure 1 represent the Second Advent of the Great Restorer; let figure 2 represent Restitution promises, etc., and figure 3 the knowledge, judgments and instructions of the Millennium, and the restraint of evil then.

USE BLACK INK for representing Death: figure 1 for Adamic death, and figure 2 for Second Death.


The verse, or part of a verse, referred to may be indicated by a neat line, like a parenthesis, or a brace mark [(^^], in the appropriate color, followed by the proper figure. Follow, this if you please, with marks to indicate a treatise on this verse in any of the MILLENNIAL DAWN volumes, using A, B, C, D, E, F and G respectively, to indicate the seven volumes of the series (only five yet ready). Use T to represent Tabernacle Shadows, S for What Say the Scriptures About Spiritism? and H for What Say the Scriptures About Hell? Following the letter indicating the volume, put the number of the page. References to ZION’S WATCH TOWER can be Z, using two figures to represent the year, then a separating stroke followed by the page number.

To illustrate:—

In the margin alongside Acts 3:20,21 we should place a brace line in green ink, then the figures 1, 2; under these we would put A89, 149; under that B173, 211, 254; under that put C243, D311, 615; next E24, 240, 418, 435; on next line Z’97-266.


Realizing that such marking would require a wide margin, to do it satisfactorily, we have hesitated to mention it, knowing that wide-margin Bibles usually sell at from $4.50 upward at wholesale; because few are sold, and the expense of special editions, larger covers, etc., etc., is considerable. However, we finally concluded that we might get a favorable price on a large order, of say 2,000 copies. We have secured prices that astonish ourselves, and have selected what all will conclude is one of the finest editions of the Bible ever published. It is known as the “Linear Bible,” because it shows, side by side, the variations between the Common and the Revised Versions. It has a very full analytical Concordance of 256 pages, 14 maps, and we will have added eighty photo-engravings, illustrating Palestine, etc., and a combined index of the Scriptures cited in the five volumes of MILLENNIAL DAWN; another giving Scripture references in the WATCH TOWER from January, 1895 to July, 1901; and another Topical Index showing Scripture, DAWN and WATCH TOWER references under various heads, such as Ransom, Restitution, etc., etc.; and additionally there will be a margin of one inch blank alongside the Scripture text, for the markings above described.

We can have these superb books made to order so as to supply them at the following prices to our subscribers only, so as not to conflict with the publisher’s interests; but we are not restricted as to the number of copies you may buy.

French Seal binding, linen lined, silk sewed, full divinity circuit, red under gold edges, etc., $1.50, postage 30 cents.

Persian Levant (morocco) binding, leather lined, silk sewed, full divinity circuit, red under gold edges, etc., $2.50, postage 30 cents.

::R2828 : page 191::

We can obtain these special Bibles, at these special prices, only by ordering two thousand copies. We will do this provided a sufficient number of our readers approve the idea and send us word to this effect at once—by postal card. Say which grade you will want, and when ready due notice will be given in the TOWER columns;—probably not before July or August.


— June 1, 1901 —