R2780-85 Poem: Longing For Home

::R2780 : page 85::



As pants the heart for water brooks,
So pants my soul for thee!
O, when shall I behold thy face,
When wilt thou call for me?

How oft at night I turn my eyes
Toward my heavenly home,
And long for that blest time when thou,
My Lord, shalt bid me, “Come!”

And yet I know that only those
Thy blessed face shall see,
Whose hearts from every stain of sin
Are purified and free.

And O, my Master and my Lord,
I know I’m far from meet
With all thy blessed saints in light
To hold communion sweet.

I know that those who share thy throne
Must in thy likeness be,
And all the Spirit’s precious fruits
In them the Father see.

Lord, grant me grace more patiently
To strive with my poor heart,
And bide thy time to be with thee,
And see thee as thou art!


— March 1, 1901 —